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Minutes 1998 March

SHIRE MEETING MINUTES St Florian-de-la-Riviere

Minutes from Shire Meeting held 5.10pm, Sunday 15 March 1998 at Seneschal's House


Melisande, Nerissa, Sibella, Hrothgar, Eleanore, Adeline, Felice, Katrin, Lucretia, Constanzia, Cornelius, Ysambart, Marie.


Finn, Stefano, Gabriel,

Brisbane Medieval Tournament

  • Mel has called BMT with decision.

General Business

  • B & B Riverhaven have announced they will be stepping down shortly- seeking candidates.
  • Letters from: B & B Rowany providing festival details - don't forget something to donate for fighter auction tourney.
  • Prince & Princess - seeking a muster scroll - Adeline is working on this,
  • A &S displays - Allyson will gather coronet display together and lots of wars - our fighters will pick a few fights !


Approx $526 in bank, $932 to be banked (& Hrothgar's $90 unspent on candelabra), plus fighter practice. Have spent $932 on Coronet so far.


Katrin has advised that will need to spend some money after Coronet - updating the armorial - current one is from 1995 -also a flurry of submissions - keep them up!

A & S

A &S continues to grow and make a profit - Nerissa is in demand with Scribes Guild. Lots of new faces! Please help with the washing/cleaning up etc at hall. A&S officer has been advertised, will finalise before next Shire meeting.


Everything ok - need help at Festival - only 4warranted chirurgeon's expected - if you have a senior first aid certificate- please volunteer


Hrothgar is now St Floz Captain of Archers. Have received key for toilet as discussed last year!


Two volunteers Constanzia and Gabriel. Eleanore is starting training next weekend! Please note: Waivers, especially non-members waivers are not to be altered in any way - no card -sign a non-members waiver!


New candelabra received & stored. Lincraft has reasonable wicker baskets at the moment. Ensure you return what you borrow -banners are still to be returned from before Christmas.


Ulfgar's tourney went well - please ensure you show lists your current authorisation card!


Only 2 requests for garb for festival


Position has been advertised - Lyle will take over after Festival - Fighter practice is 'feral' at the moment.

Other Business

  • Abbey Marie & Lucretia advised of lots of activity with Abbey preps - including feasts etc. Scriptorium will open on Abbey Day! $35per head - $40 for fighters - can camp on site etc.
  • Opportunity to participate in a festival in Rockhampton 19/20 September - all costs to be covered or no participation looks like a good fundraiser and a great way to see Rockhampton. Market walk throughs planned for Abbey - also could be an opportunity to participate in a Medieval Day at certain markets - for a very acceptable fee - Lucretia negotiating.
  • Candelabra (for Coronet) - all finished ! - Cost $90 less than thought - money returned to Reeve. Could we try to arrange a thank you scroll - will speak to Nerissa about this - maybe a budding scribe could prepare this.

Meeting closed 6pm.

NOTE: NEXT MEETING - 19 April 5pm- Seneschal's House