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Minutes 1998 October

SHIRE Of St Florian-de-la-riviere Shire meeting minutes

25th October 1998 - 5pm - Seneschal's House.


Mellissande, Finnian, Eleanore, Hrothgar, Adeline, Felice, Roisin, Stefano, Corny, Morwynna, Steffan, Branwyn.


Sibella, William de Tosney, Constanzia

Seneschal's report:

  • Letters from: I. Fearn McKintrick - advertising her event - 31 October - Halloween; II.
  • Prince & Princess - re altering laws to divide Principality into 'zones' with each zone assigned a principality event to ensure that each group takes responsibility for the running of these events as bids have been hard to come by! The meeting agreed that it had no great objection to this proposal, but thought it sad that it has 'come to this' groups rostered to hold principality events. St Florian is in the same zone as Riverhaven - so the groups would need to negotiate who ran which event - which we are sure we can do! Mellissa will advise the P & P of this response, and asked Alistair to ensure the P & P's letter was published so everyone knew what was going on.
  • Principality - Odd's idea for QLD - meeting of Peers and Group Seneschals will be held 1 November - St Florian is not supportive of this idea.

Officer's reports:


"Working on it" - group is financial - Doomsday report has been submitted, $600 profit to Shire from May Coronet, and nice assets.


Submitted report for end of reign - Will chase the 10 lost candelabra - has 8, knows where 2 more are - will locate balance - everyone who has borrowed stuff - prepare to check their houses - these will be found. Will cost $100 to fix tourney corners - Reeve will discuss with Seneschal over the books before we spend the money. Corny is the new Q'master, will get a quote for plastic boxes, and implement a really strict borrowing policy - sign stuff in and out - and if people continue to lose things they will start to pay for these lost things. Items will also be returned clean - budget to have tablecloths washed as part of event - or wash them yourself - they will be returned washed & ironed. Corny will also look after any commercial hiring - stocktake will occur regularly (by Reeve) and books will be available for audit - with Shire books - to meet exchequer requirements.


DLV being printed, and distributed - costs 18cents per copy - which Shire will cover, and general postage to required parties, Lochac etc, if people want DLV posted provide Alistair with a book of stamps.


Five bags of donations from Hammersmith - thanks! Including one blue & red pendragon boot - contact Adeline if you are missing this! Working on her Doomsday report! Gabriel has applied for the job - however wants to spilt the role - Lochac Hospitaller required role maintained as at present - Adeline will discuss with Gabriel - generally agreed Gabriel would be a great Hospitaller if this can be sorted out - to Lochac's satisfaction.


Acacia sent her apologies.


Constable at Large - Eleanore has submitted a report - though it will be her last - she has other duties now!

No other officer's reports were submitted. All officers are reminded that their written end of reign reports were required by this meeting. General Business:

Upcoming events:

  • 31 Oct - Demo (Redcliffe) & Halloween (Parvus Portus);
  • 14 Nov - Bacchus Woods Anniversary;
  • 21 Nov -Baelfyre encampment;
  • 29 Nov - Valhalla - Polit.
  • Alistair wants to hold an event - St Florian-Riverhaven War - 26/28 Jun 99 - will submit form.

Meeting location

As the Seneschal has 'retired to the country' (though still in the Shire!) the meetings will be held at 2 Faces of Eve (if they are open) from now on - if not there - then Jazzy Cat (West End) Same time and week - third Sunday at 5pm.

Next Meeting: 15th November 1998 - 5pm - 2 Faces of Eve / Jazzy Cat - to be determined.