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Minutes 1999 August

Minutes 15/08/99 St Florian de la Riviere

Present: Constanzia, Stefano, Dominic, Elaine, Sibella

Meeting start - 15:03 hours



  • GST: Income $50,000 and above do not have to register with the Tax Office and the *SCA does not have to collect GST.
  • No GST collection
  • New Procedures for Reeves brought down from the BOD which will make local branches accountable. This may have to do with bringing the Principality up to scratch for Kingdom level.
  • Local Branches more accountable
  • Receipts/Statuary Declarations must be in OR you will pay the money back.
  • Receipts required for use of moneys
  • No separate accounts allowed within the group
  • One group - one account
  • New form created by Reeve for better accountability. For all cheques for $25 or more, a Cheque Requisition Form must be approved by the Seneschal and Reeve. (NB Moneys up to $50 can be approved by Reeve, Moneys between $50-$100 have to be approved by Reeve and Seneschal, Moneys above $100 have to go to a meeting.

$25 or more Cheque Requisition form.


  • Dieu la Vault got printed
  • Quarterly invoices to Reeve


Gabriel's Tournament was held successfully. Looking forward to more tourneys in the future.


  • Looking for a day workshop to make gear for new fighters and garb.
  • Thanks to Melisande, Lillith and Acacia for their donations to the Hospitaler gear. (Need more male gear)
  • Workshop coming up. More male gear required


Nothing to report


Nothing to report


No report

Arts and Sciences

  • Scribes: Nothing is really happening with this Guild due to the lack of interest within the Shire. Nerissa will be teaching at the Winters End Collegia, Riverhaven, at the end of the month for those interested
  • Dance: Dance has picked up again with more regular attendees. Dance is becoming more co-ordinated and organised
  • Cooks: 3-4 people have been turning up and they have been doing interesting and fun things however no real interest in the guild structure as such.
  • Brewers & Embibers As soon as the mailing list is confirmed, we'll be forming a chapter of this guild. See Ianto for further details. New Guild!
  • Woodworking Nothing has really happened over the last 18 months. The trophy that was decided upon still hasn't been made. Stefano has threatened that if nothing has been completed within three months, he will be creating a special piece with lots of rusty nails etc to be the wood working prize. Stefano threatens the Woodworkers Guild


No report

Other business

Gabriel's Tournament

  • Money was handed over for the Tournament which was receipted for $36 but somehow we received $42.20 (??) There was no complaint from the Reeve.
  • There was one injury for the event which was from Gabriel himself who received a very sweet shot to the head causing mild concussion. No medical attention required.


Money has been received for the Abbey Tournament.

Comilona de Sensacion

50 people have already booked. Shouldn't be a problem filling all the seats.

Ball d'Argent

Dominic will be creating a bid for next year's Ball d'Argent


Appears that there is a bit of an issue in trying to contact the Lochac Constable. Stefano suggested that we may need to speaking to the P&P during their visit to get further direction.

Meeting Conclusion 15:26 hours