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Minutes 1999 February

Minutes from Shire Meeting

Held Sunday 21st February 1999 at Two Faces of Eve, Annerley


Gabriel (chair & minutes), Steffan, Elaine, Stefano, Nerissa, Dominic, Cornelius, and Leofric.


Mellissande, Finnian, Sibella, Felice, Constanzia.

Officers Reports:


Gabriel for Melisande; Received $56 from Barony for BMT.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


No report.


Leofric - All going well, shoes and garb being worked on currently for Rowany prep. If people need help please come along, attendance a little down but still strong.


Nothing to report.


Gabriel went through the clothes, need more, please give any spare clothes to Gabriel. Gold Key - Cornie - money for boxes.


Nothing to report.


Workshop at Womblehome at 7pm, Tuesday 23rd February.


Nothing to report - looking for deputies.

Other Business:


  • Gabriel's tourney on 27/2; P & P Visit to Tourney on 20/3.
  • Dominic - Hospitaller's costume fixing day after Rowany. DLV - Cornie - raised idea of mailing DLV as a lot of people do not go to major meetings - Steffan suggested subscription cost as a possibility - discussion over pros & cons - Chronicler doesn't have a problem - will discuss next Shire meeting. Stefano - Explained how stamp system works currently. Steffan - raised issue of people like himself who work most current times.
  • Steffan - performance on 20/3 will have a location and pass on to Stefano - not an SCA event.
  • Cornie - has keys to fighter practice - including toilet key
  • Leofric - raised idea of Abbey money distribution going to individual Canton's not the Barony.