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Minutes 1999 March

Minutes from Shire Meeting

Held Sunday 21st March 1999 at Two Faces of Eve, Annerley


Mellissande, Felice, Salaberge, Leofric, STeffan, Branwyn.



Officer reports:


  • Royal Visit was heaps of fun - Katya won tourney! Rosemary did well too!
  • Kermit's Tourney & Feast - 22/5/99 - date and location may be changed watch DLV for details. This event has been cancelled - Ed.
  • Mel & Finn have moved - new address in DLV - new e-mail too.
  • Officers Reports to Mel first week after Festival. Seeking a Deputy with a view that this person will take on warrant at end of year when Mel's term concludes - will announce decision at May meeting - make a note in writing to Mel - but also discuss - at least one week prior to May meeting.


Cheques to be paid out - A & S hall - $210; FP - $175; Dance Hall $180. $800 out from events and expected back in - Autocrats please provide ASAP. Still waiting on outstanding reports from High Hunt (Blain) and Spring Feast (Dominic) - no other events will be run by these people till reports supplied - see Reeve or Seneschal ASAP if you are mentioned!


No report - Note: Report required to Seneschal ASAP.


No report - Note: Report required to Seneschal ASAP.


Leofric - Need a box, receipt book etc. - meeting OK'd to purchase - give receipts to Reeve. Play rehearsals going well upstairs - attendance down a little - more people seem to be working on projects at home. Tents being built at A&S and festival prep continues.


No report.


No report.


No report.


No report.


No report.

Other Business:

  • Steffan - play performance on 8th May - will have a location put in DLV.
  • Leofric - Heraldry Workshop at A&S later in the year.

Meeting Closed 3.30pm.

NEXT Meeting - 2pm, 3rd Sunday of the Month at Two Faces of Eve!