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Minutes 2000 November


Minutes from shire meeting 30/11/00


Steavean, Branwyn, Sam, Blossom, Phillipe, Pheobe, Constanzia, Gabriel, Peter, Elaine, Nicholas, Sabine, William, Carol, Angela, Bruce, Ness, Cat, Rob, Leofric, Celeste.



Reminder that from Jan 1 we will be at the new site. Current rates of entry will still apply.


  • Training going well. Hitting around 30 fighters each week.
  • Phillipe is wanting to set up a master list of authorised fighters so please see Ray with your details.
  • Tues 5th Dec Chats regarding training and training processes eg booklet etc.


  • Monies in the purse as at 31/10/00 were $4500.
  • The Abbey money has just been received and has been included in this.
  • Recommend we spend $2000 on things required by the shire especially with the planned elevation. A list of possible stuff is being put together and will be presented when complete.
  • Info regarding credit cards supplied to be reviewed and discussed.

Arts & Sciences:

  • Recently been working on games.
  • Breakup will be 14/12/00 at Leofric and Salabergeís place for a photo frenzy from overseas.
  • Recommence on the 10/1/00 at the new site. Guilds leaders at the moment are:
  1. Textiles: Carolyn
  2. Cooks: Stefano
  3. Embroiderers: Shona
  4. Woodworkers: Ulfgar


  • 2 more lots of paperwork been sent away. The processing has been a bit slow lately.
  • 9th and 10th will be a workshop of heraldry at Sabine and Williamís house. Please rsvp to Sabine.


All reasonably well with the world.


  • Has now been handed over to Lilith.
  • Gabriel wishes to thank everyone for their support in this role and to people who have donated to hospit. It has been greatly appreciated

General business:

Report from William on Buttony Cross.

  • Monies handed back.
  • Thanks to all who participated and enjoyed the day. Big thanks to Ian for his donation of time and efforts to keep everyone well refreshed for the event