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Minutes 2000 October


Minutes from shire meeting 26/10/00.

Meeting opened 8:10pm


Elaine, William d’Dijon, Celeste, Kyle, Ianto, Tatianna, Steavean, Constanzia, William the Admirer, Sabine, Phillipe, Elizabetta, Llewellyne, Branwyn, Stefano, Salaberge, Leofric Gabriel, ‘Stanzi, Fiona, Corny.


Seneschal . . .


Training is going well. No injuries. Call put forward for anyone interested in becoming a warranted marshal. See Phillipe.


  • Current accounts stand $1475
  • When written confirmation arrives we will be moving from Bank of Queensland to Commonwealth. This is a Lochac decision for all accounts.
  • IOU’s at fighter practice will now be with 1-week grace period only, from Gabriel or Stefano. They will not be collecting each other’s IOU monies. If you cannot pay on your second week you will not be able to participate.
  • The Balance sheet of Shire assets and replacement costs to be done.
  • Gold card will now be issued at any time during the year being valid for 12 months. The price is now $150 and is inclusive of fighter practice and A&S. Current cardholders are able to use their card for both effective immediately. The card must be shown to money collector for meeting or payment for that meeting must be made until a master list of card holders can be compiled and given to meeting heads to keep on hand.

Arts & Sciences:

All good. 1st open forum session on ‘herbs and stuff’ went well. Taking all the gathered bits and dumping in Sabine’s garden. Moving to Wednesday night when we move to new site.


Lots of people submitting forms. All goes well. Call put forward for anybody interested in doing Court Heraldry: see Sabine.

Chronicler :



  • Newcomers guide being printed. 10 newcomers at fighter practice. Looking at writing basic first four-lesson guide for new fighters.
  • Any one with loaner armour not being used or armour they can loan to newbies would be greatly appreciated to give them a feel for the real thing.
  • Quarter master gear is now being moved to Liliths

General business:

  • Request for money to make training swords and shield: cost to be advised.
  • Suggestion for Shire to subsidise part of First aid course costs for Chirurgeons. Denied
  • Suggestion for Shire to obtain a first aid kit. Approved
  • Suggestion to get group discount for all interested in doing first aid course (individual to pay)

Question: Can we put in a fridge when we move to the football club?

Answer: No. The club reserves the right to run their own canteen during our regular meetings. They will be approached to stock wanted items. However there are no problems with an esky in the back of someone’s car if they are not there and open.

Meeting closed 8:50pm

Next meeting: Thursday 30th November