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Minutes 2000 September


Minutes from shire meeting 28/9/00


Corny, Steavean, Phillipe, Elizabetta, Bruce, Llewellyn, Elaine, Constanzia, Leofric, Salaberge, Celeste, Branwyn, and William.



  • Request for Camel approved
  • Footy Club proposal - confirmed as going ahead.
  • Require fund raising for first payment of fees in January and for funds to do barony change over.


All OK. No injuries. Lots of people in armour and doing “twangy things” (unquote)


$368 in bank. Money still pending return from previous events

Arts & Sciences

Heraldry workshop went well. Organising break up soon


  • Good stuff going on, 3-4 submissions going very soon.
  • Urgent request for camel subscription




  • Everything ‘jiggy’, bring scraps of fabrics for workshops in the new year for garb. *Seriously need male garb.

General business:

  • Constanzia: Fund raising stall to be held at Battle of Buttony Cross (Melee tourney and tavern) to raise money for barony stuff
  • Looking at doing small fetes and shows for fund raising or whatever we can. We want to try and get the money from outside our group to help take the burden off our own pockets.
  • Corny: Having problems with hockey club wanting us to turn lights off at training at 9pm sharp.
  • Constanzia: Wants stories and anecdotes, from events and Shire activities, to put on website. This is also a need for the barony drive.
  • Coffee shop to be run at next festival to raise money for kingdom stuff:


  • Important: We need to write recommendations for the people within our group. The Laurels and Pelicans have not received anything from our group in 12 months.

Corny: Wanted to discuss issues relating to awards and invest ideas. Suggested strongly by Seneschal that it should not be discussed in public forum until candidates have been selected for the job and let them drive it, as it pertains directly to them.

Next meeting: Thursday 26th October