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Minutes 2001 April

Minutes from Shire Meeting 25/04/2001


Tatiana, Carol, Gabriel, Constanzia, Imogine, Lucia, Nerissa, Ianto, Bain, William Salaberge, Leofric, Alaric, Leonore and Steffan


  • All but rubber stamp and an event, St Florian is now a Barony.
  • Abbey approaching.


  • Leofricís name and device passed.
  • Humphrey and Amalia names passed. Ĺ dozen submissions still waiting for response.
  • Will look into requirements for Baronial badges and tokens etc name for Baronial level position?

General Business:


  • Salaberge and Sabine: Discussed elevation event so far. Still looking for hall. Bids for feastocrat welcome.

Football Club

  • Steffan: Football club broken into.
  • We are to ensure that lights are turned off and site fully locked up after use.
  • An urn was left on and burnt dry, we had to replace.
  • To avoid this in future propose a cabinet of our gear urn, mugs team coffee etc.
  • All attended agreed.

Congrats to new peers: Ianto, Nerissa and Constanzia

Fighter Practice; Alaric: Corny has asked Steve to now run fighter practice.

Next meeting 30/05/01