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Minutes 2001 August

Minutes of the Baronial Meeting 29/08/02001


Steffan, Branwyn, Constanzia, Gabriel, William, Lazarus, Rob, Corny, Stefano, Lucia, Imogine, Felice, Nathaniel, Alice, Elaine, Salaberge, Morgan, Sabine, Tanja, Ianto, Leofric, Phillipe, Ysambart, Baine, Gryffyd, Alaric, Nicolas




  • Warrant extended by Lochac Seneschal


  • Tourney report is pending


  • See financial report.
  • Steps down on 30/09/2001.
  • Tanja will be taking over as reeve


Basic garb workshop now finished. Workshop on leather work starts next. 5 more entrants in the A&S comp for March


  • More court heralds wanted.
  • Still waiting some devices to come back.
  • Want to see more people getting their device passed


DLV will be out Wednesday.


Lillith has requested for a replacement and will advertise the position soon. Gabriel will take care until newsperson appointed.


  • Constables at large wanted.
  • Thanks to all those who helped with Invest event.
  • Money for list shield and board required.
  • Would like to encourage all fighters to do a list shield for the board to be used at tourneys and held by list mistress.
  • Thanks to Salaberge and Sabine for the war banner.
  • Visual merchandise @ Myer would like to hire our thrones for Santa.
  • Quote for platters.
  • Our table clothes are dead and need to be replaced. Once new ones are made, the old ones will be sold off.

General business:


  • Salaberge: Invest cleared $400 profit. All details and report returned

Football Club

  • William: Meeting Monday night with the football club re lease.

Buttony Cross event

  • $300 profit.
  • Leofric donated the Buttony crosses for the event his year.
  • Thanks to Cindy for running the kitchen and the people who helped her.
  • Excess food from Invest (nuts, dried fruit) was used as nibblies.

Fighter Practice

  • Corny: Need money for paint for training shields

Captain of War

  • Bart: As Captain of War Division will be setting up a book for all units to record affiliation.
  • All war discussion will be taking place on the St Florian war list. Subscribe to Michael of Waterford to be added to list.

Next Meeting: 31/10/01