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Minutes 2001 February

Minutes from the Shire Meeting 28/02/2001


Steffan, Steffano, Branwyn, Constanzia, Sabine, Elizabetta, William, Carol, Gabriel, Michael, Phebe, Elaine, Celeste, Corny, Dave


Reminder that from January 1 will be at the new site. Current rates of entry will still apply. Package sent. Copies for viewing


Very good turn up of new fighters. All going well with new training scheme.


$2800 in bank. $1000 can be put aside for Barony uses.


Looking for increase in workshop attendance. Focus on festival prep until festival.


6 people have their paperwork heading for Kingdom with 2 returned


Nothing to report


All good

General Business

Fighter Practice

  • Corny: New training sticks in action. Shields yet to come.
  • New formal training going well.
  • Inquiry re professional trainer and cost support. Denied currently.
  • Starting to organise Northern War. Discussing with CM re long weekend.

Steffan: Free weekend as part of lease not yet claimed. Request for this weekend for Buttony Cross event. No objections made. Date set for 18th of August

William: Currently been liasing with football club. Question as to whether people who like him to maintain this role officially. No objects made.

Meeting closed