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Minutes 2001 June

Minutes from June Shire meeting 27/06/01


Steffan, Acacia, Constanzia, Gabriel, Elaine, Ianto, Tanja, Lucia, Leofric, Corny, Stefano



  • Report sent to Lochac Marshal.
  • Lots of fighting happening.
  • Has a copy of new rules for review. Would like small group to review.
  • All going well.


  • (via Gabriel) Bank approx $3500. Approx $1058 owed to group and bill for football club due at end of month.


Everyone focusing on Invest Gear


Excused for giving birth…



General Business:

  • Corny: Suggested group spend a bit of money in order to buy some good quality paints and make available for people to use make heraldic shields coming up to invest. This will help improve current field appearances.
  • Leofric: Abbey: Went well with the few numbers that were there. A better quality static display was achieved due to the lower number of people. A realisation for the need for signage to promote who we are and an armour tent to keep the place tidy. A drive from Abbey to push for more quality fro mall groups which we need to adhere to. Recommend we keep numbers lower (approx 35) to maintain the higher quality more containable display. Elaine would like to do a dance display and workshop next year.
  • Gabriel (for Stefano): NORTHERN WAR – BOOK NOW!
  • Gabriel: Politichopolis have requested the loan of anything our group may be able to let them borrow in the event hat they win the bid for the first crown

Next meeting: 25/07/01