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Minutes 2001 November

Minutes from November Barony Meeting (28/11/01)


Steffan, Constanzia, Gabriel, Tanja, Alaric, Nerissa, Buzz, Nathaniel, Imogene, Leofric, Elaine, Stefano, Gryffyd, Andrew


New release of West Kingdom Combat regs.


  • Accts so far not balanced. $550 out.
  • Most people not filling in post event forms.
  • Abbey invoice sent.
  • Request for event paperwork to be tightened up.


  • Latin going well


  • All gear moved from Lilith’s house December 9/10.
  • Gryffyd will be taking over as Hospit in new year


Games Day. All went well


  • Gabriel: Request for $90 for games day reimbursements. March Baronial to be held on 09/03/02. Still looking for someone to autocrat
  • Constanzia: Provost of scribes is requesting all people to get their devices passed if they have an AOA

General Business:

  • Salaberge: 9/10 Feb 02. Will be holding a Collegia and Revel.
  • Nerissa: Doomsday book: Pages to be complete by Festival
  • Buzz: Still looking for articles for website. If submitting, please add a note to approve it for reprinting.
  • Elaine: Want clarification of fighting at A&S. Decision made was that the person running the night was responsible for the facilities. If people wish to fight past the regular close down time the shut down responsibilities for the lights and gates can be given to the fighters.