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Minutes 2002 April

Minutes from the April Barony Meeting 24/04/02


Steffan, Lazarus, Jenni, Ysambart, Sabine, William, Acacia, Tanja, Elaine, Constanzia, Phillipe, Baine, Alaric, Ianto, Dave, Stefano, Nathaniel, Leofric, Salaberge, Imogine, Rob.


  • Abbey: any people not going to Coronation and who are interested in participating in Abbey, please see me ASAP.
  • Thankyou for your support over the last 2 years.
  • Welcome Alaric to the Seneschal’s position.


  • Fighting going well.
  • Tourney: Knights of the North Pas; good day, no major injuries and 15 fighters


  • Bank Balance at $3317.15


  • Baronial A&S Championship categories drawn at Knights of the North event.
  • Items to be presented at Baronial event in September.


  • Gabriel's name and device accepted.
  • Leonore's and Bianca’s names have passed.
  • Bain's device passed.
  • Mynjon's name and device passed.
  • Contarina, Humphrey, Reg, Sabine, Acacia resubmitted.


  • Tourney – no problems

General Business:


  • Cloth for napkins approved fro Estrid.
  • Any ideas for gifts for coronation please see Baron or Baroness.
  • Acacia is organising hotel/motel accommodation for coronation weekend. If interested, please see her.


  • Cathedrals Week. Parade on the 18th.
  • Couple of people in front with banners/ couple of people in the middle with banners/ couple of people each end with banners
  • Thursday 23rd. Main display set up with four tents, fighting, displays, runs to Sunday.
  • Big thankyou to Claudia for starting the process for us to be involved with Cathedrals Week.
  • We have the potential to make a lot of money and receive a lot of community exposure by doing this, and without her starting we would have never had the opportunity.


  • Now has the facilities to polish gear for people if interested lease see Ysambart.

Next meeting: 29/05/02