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Minutes 2002 January

Minutes from January Barony Meeting 30/01/2002


Steffan, Constanzia, Gabriel, Tanja, Alaric, Nathaniel, Imogine, Leofric, Elaine, Stefano, Gryffyd, Baine, Williame, Sabine, Salaberge, Mynjon, Branwyn, Phillipe, Acacia, Edla



  • 2002 will be on the 6/7 July.
  • Pricing structure being changed to reflect payment on participation.
  • Requests for people interested in giving some sort of talk or demonstration in the A&S fields.

Position advertising

  • Criteria for new Seneschal will be printed in DLV and will be posted to the St Florian List on Monday 04/02/2002.
  • Hand over will be at the April Baronial meeting.


  • Happy with training program.
  • Cards are due for those waiting on them due to current card issuer being Prince.
  • Email has been sent to follow up.


  • $2854 in bank.
  • Monies still outstanding from 2 people.
  • Abbey have paid for 2001


  • Snoods currently happening for “Bits Box”.
  • Actors are working on pieces (Feb Collegia weekend.
  • 9 March Baronial Championship- Judging of A&S comp


  • 2 names and devices passed


  • A loan form has been developed for recording in and outs of stock.
  • Would like two copies of the Known World Handbook for library (approved). *Newcomers guide has been written and will collate with exiting copy.
  • Propose to put together a SCA induction program that covers the basics including photos’ samples of work etc.


  • Nothing to report

General Business:


  • Need cheques for Medical supplies for first aid box, keys cut, receipt book,
  • Lucia’s expenditure for last event.
  • Please people come and help with Regalia


  • Cheque required to pay for football club for March Baronial.


  • Requires for $200 cheque for supplies to build in storage area.
  • Having seen us through to the signing of a 2-year lease with the football club, no longer feels need for a specific liaison role.
  • Steps away from this role asking it to be now a part of the Seneschal role.

Next Meeting: 28/02/02