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Minutes 2002 May

Minutes from May Barony Meeting 29/05/02


Alaric, Nerissa, Jenny, Lazarus, Nicholas, Ianto, William, Elaine, Tatiana, Salaberge, Sabine, Leofric, Edla, Raul, Cath, Phillipe, Bain, Nathaniel, Imogene, Gabriel, Finn and Raphael

Start: 7:30pm


  • Big thanks to William and Sabine and all their helpers for all the massive amount of work that went into running Cathedrals Week.


  • Two authorisations.
  • Stuff happening.
  • Need reports


  • One former debt has been paid;
  • the other is under current progressive payments.
  • Balance of $3637.55.
  • Money still to come in from Cathedrals Week and Knights of the North.


  • Cathedrals Week was cool and well run


  • A lot is going on with plenty of activity in the “Camel”.
  • Several new books have been added to the Baronial Library (Fox Davies etc) receipts received and Sabine was re-reimbursed.


  • Two issues to go
  • Will advertise for a replacement.


  • Lot of interest from Cathedrals Week
  • Has been in contact with several newcomers.
  • Thanks to Bain and Nerissa for new St Florian ”business cards”


  • All went well at Cathedrals Week.
  • A reminder for people to sign indemnities if you attend either Monday or Wednesday night at the football club.


  • Need new cashbox, approval given.
  • Please put stuff away after use at meetings or events.

General Business:


  • Cathedrals Week was best display (witnessed in 19 years in attending re-enactment events) ever. Go Guys!


  • Wanted to know what feedback had been received about Cathedral week.
  • William mentioned that many positive comments had been made and that the only person who had negative feedback loved the show anyway.


  • With the balance pushing $6500 after monies from cathedral week are deposited, what are we going to do with the money?
  • A long discussion followed, several ideas where put on the table.
  • It was decided that in next DLV a time and date would be set for the discussion of these ideas and others (see from the seneschal


  • There will be four Royal visits to our area during the net reign.
  • A Royal Bits box has been suggested as a gift, Master Ulfgar has come up with a very cool design.
  • Also as a group we should make stuff to put into the Royal box.
  • As a suggested use of some of our funds that we should start working towards/making the items required for a bid for May Crown.


  • Napkins for June Crown are still out, please return.


  • Report on Cathedral Week.
  • Also he wished to raise issue of children in the SCA.

Next Meeting: 26/06/02