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Minutes 2002 October

October Baronial Meeting Minutes. 16/10/02


Nathaniel, Gabriel, Constanzia, Shelley, Roz, Ainee, Raphael, Raul, Phillipe, Alaric, Hughette, Gryf, Lillith, Michael of Waterford, Alistair, Sabine, William, Hrothgar, Contarina, Paul, Mat, Guz, Dave, Karen. Meeting Began: 7.30pm


  • Current Membership is 31 for group status with 4 more associate and family members.
  • Seneschal has membership forms.
  • November calendar meeting to be held after next meeting – be ready with your events.

Deputy Seneschal William:

  • Re proposal to look in to our current venue or an alternative for our future use,
  • has formed a committee to look into the options.
  • He wants as much input of the groups needs from the populous.
  • A report in May on the options. The committee is William, Baine, Phillipe and Nathaniel.

Reeve: Bank balance above $6500.


  • Still need a replacement,
  • Leofric and Ianto are now marshals.
  • 12-14 in armour and about the same number doing beginner training.


  • Lot happening , 5 waiting, 14 new submissions, about 8 to go out in the next month.
  • Shield making/ painting workshop coming up.
  • Kingdom Banners for Riverhaven investiture present.
  • Big Cheer from Crux for Sabine, heartedly seconded by all present.


  • Elaine out, Nathaniel in. Big thanks to Elaine for all her work.


  • Steffan and Branwyn (send stuff on Steffan’s primus e-mail account)


  • Putting together a hand out for foreigners (Caidians),
  • Newbie feasting gear


  • All is groovy.


  • Has reported and is looking for stuff.

Quarter Master:

  • Did stock take of gear, still some stuff out standing, please return.

Web Master:

  • Doing update soon.


  • 24th Nov group meeting 2pm to discuss 1) New comers, 2) Future issues (re Williams committee) 3) Money 4) What areas not working as well as they should? How to fix?.
  • Sunday stuff happening with Sabine (see Herald shield painting).

General Business:


  • Welcome back


  • Would like to become a Marshal


  • Dance is moving to a dance studio, cost to be met by the dancers.

Steffan: $600 float for “Merry Wives of Windsor”

Meeting Closed: 8.10pm