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Minutes 2003 August

Baronial Meeting Minutes 20/08/2003

Good day to the list. Here follows a true account of the Baronial meeting Held on the 20th of August 2003. (Praise be to Stanzi who took the minutes)


Herald: (Sabine du Bourbonais)

  • Response from Laurel not forthcoming.
  • Collegia on heraldic frocks will be postponed until after a workshop/collegia on making standards.

Constable: (Bain of Stornoway)

  • Injury at Fighter Practice.

Indemnity change - Indemnities are to be signed @ all events in garb and or fighting.

  • He is stepping down in September. Applications to Bain by the 17/09/2003. Successor will be

announced at September Baronial during court.


  • Account has $6,200.
  • Two event moneys outstanding: March Baronial and Baroness's Birthday Par d'Armes.

Seneschal: (William Addemere)

  • Gold Cards. 12 month entry being sold during August and September only. Will be from September Baronial to September Baronial.
  • $120 or $35 in four instalments. Not transferable/Not refundable.


  • We had a war. Marshal has reported to Earl Marshal.
  • Advertising for replacement with a view of being replaced by Festival.

Webmaster: (Raoul of Buzz)

  • Website in progress


  • To get quote to Reeve/Seneschal. One injury at Guild event.


  • Everyone is paying so no need to send out the boys.
  • Constable training on 27/08/2003 by Stanzi.
  • Acacia willing to run newbie sewing workshop either at A&S or on a suitable day.


  • We had a tourney

QM: (Huguette de la St Germain)

  • Did a workshop.
  • Changes/Improvements occurred to some items.
  • $100 approved to add to September Baronial Budget for serving implements for

health safety reasons. (IE - food served without serving implements end up with personally used spoons to serve things out) Motion passed.

  • Needed: Plastic boxes, 2x2m storage for QM with 2' high shelves.
  • Big workshop on 18/10/2003. Expectation for Barony to attend. Welding (for candelabra -

volunteered by Buzz). List of needs to be gotten.


  • Abbey - Ianto with Bain will be representing St Florian at the Abbey Meetings.
  • Motion passed.
  • Need 100% support from Barony to do a good show. (IE appearance/attendance).
  • Will need a lot of support from the Barony to do this well.


Gabriel: Report from Great Northern War.

  • Jury is still out if the new format worked.
  • 2 people booked but did not pay. One has been followed up to Gabriel's satisfaction. *Gabriel owed $137.60.
  • Cheque approved by meeting.
  • Thankyou to everyone who attended the event and helped


  • Thankyou to serving crew for Guild Day


  • September Baronial - no bookie, no eatie.


  • German workshop @ Huguettes

Leofric: Tourney 07/09/2003 (Sunday) Chiv Tourney circuit.

  • Display of Chivalry.
  • Winner chosen by knights on display of chivalry.
  • Location: Football Club.
  • Times to be announced on St Florian List.
  • Cost will be about $1-2 Motion passed.


  • Wants to run with Lillith, a Mushroom Feast November and St

Sebastians Day in January.


  • Wants to run Knights of the North Par D'Armes next year

Seneschal: (William Addemere)

  • Incorporation Issues/Problems with: insurance, access to leases in some states. While lease access appears to have significant problems for QLD, William (Addemere) will be negotiating a further 12 month lease with Football Club.
  • Motion passed. Indemnities change see constable information.
  • Indemnties are to be kept for 7 years adults, 20 years children.
  • Weapons Act Victoria is being discussed as is usual before an election IF changed

will effect those travelling to VIC for events.

  • William and team will be attending a Risk Management Course.
  • QM workshop that was held recently demonstrates significant problem with Barony needs your support to function to optimum.
  • Burnfield event - few people attending from St Florian (Well done Louvain!) Idea to

give a Marshall tabbard to group as we have a spare one Motion passed.

  • Quarterly reports are due - 11 shopping days to go.


  • Book now for Spring War. Help me sell chocolates (Fund raiser for Dramatis Personae)