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Minutes 2003 October

Baronial Minutes October 2003

In attendance

Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Gabriel de Beaumont, Raphel du Noir, William Addemere, Stefano d'Urbino, Elaine Wentworth, Der Draigon Rhudd, Tatiana, Ianto van Dieman, Huguette de la St Germain, Contarina la Bianca, Giles Leabrook, Guilliame Lavet, Simon, Guz and assorted onlookers.

Seneschal: (William Addemere)

  • General welcome and particularly to Raphael in his first meeting as Constable. Apologies for the meeting delay.

Officer reports

Herald: (Sabine du Bourbonais)

  • I have 14 submissions pending at the moment and have had many recent registrations as per my regular posting on the St Florian List.
  • Will be running Banner making workshops in November.

Constable: (Raphael du Noir)

  • Please give me a bit of slack as I learn my position.
  • Currently created a Constables list for St Florian and have several constables in


  • I will be asking lots of questions and am available if you have any questions of me.


  • I now have two deputies.
  • Giles is now deputy for Rapier while Der Draigon will be my replacement as Marshal when her authorisation is finalised.
  • Many tournaments held which have had various results.
  • Everything is going well.
  • No injuries.


  • Am looking for a replacement as my 2 years are up.
  • Current Bank balance above $10,000


  • Nothing to report.
  • Please come to us if you wish to do a class.

Any ideas on subjects would also be well


  • Working Bee 2 (the return) was a success.
  • We have more to do and will arrange another one before Christmas.

Baron and Baroness: (Gabriel de Beaumont and Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora)

Lots of events in other groups.

  • St Florian 10th Anniversary event in late November.

Seneschal: (William Addemere)

  • Will negotiate new football club rental at their next meeting.
  • Apply for officer positions.
  • May Crown 2005 bids to be open soon.

General Business:


  • to run several events including two cooking collegia/Lunches
  • to run St Sebs day with a nautical theme.

September Baronial (Der Draigon Rhudd)

  • reports on September Baronial (small profit made)
  • will be asking to run it again
  • Bids for September Baronial 2005 to be received before (for announcement at) March Baronial.