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Minutes 2003 September

Barony of StFlorian de la Riviere Baronial Meeting September 2003


William Addemere, HM Nerissa de Saye, Nemain, Elizabeth de Foxal, Zora, Kareina, Charyse, Gabriel, Huguette, Inogene, Constanzia, Contarnina, Henri, Nathaniel, HM Alaric, Stefano, Tatiana, Ianto, Claryse, Clare, Gideon, Rafael, Siobann, Apologies: None made


Herald (Sabine through William):

  • Nothing on returns from Laurel Queen of Arms.
  • Lochac Regalia Badge has been rejected.
  • If interested to learn the fascinating reasons why, contact the heralds.

A&S (Huguette):

  • A&S is going well.
  • Unknown what classes coming up as Lillith has the book.
  • People are now paying which is good.
  • Everyone appears to be at home making Germans.

QM (Huguette):

  • Stanzi is making a wish list from the cooks. Workshop is on the 18/10. Be there!

Chirurgeon (Nemain on behalf of Acacia):

  • Nothing to report. Acacia:
  • Request for better First Aid kit - cost $207.00. (approved by meeting)

Marshal (Stefano):

  • Tourney at River haven. New Baronial Champion is Lazarus Turnier, Baronial Sergent is Lorkin, Guards are Rugin Axegrinder and Clare of Perone. Congratulations!
  • Still looking for successor. Applicants should be enthusiastic but beaurocratic. Training provided.
  • Giles Leabrook has taken on Deputy Marshal for Rapier.

Reeve (Tatiana):

  • Approximately $8,500 in account.
  • Inogene to get outstanding cash to her ASAP.
  • Gold cards for sale! 1 year $120 or 4 $35 instalments. Going fast.
  • Tanja to advertise on email ASAP.

Seneschal (William):

  • 3 officers are requiring replacement. If worst case scenario we could apply for a 12 month extension but we don't want to.
  • The officers are Reeve, Constable and Marshal.
  • Watch your back because the Seneschal could be there to tap you on the shoulder.
  • We need new blood in the offices. Help the group go forward (retire the dinosaurs!).

Proposed Events for next year so far:

  • January: 24/01/2003 St Sebastian's Day (Stefano)
  • February nil
  • March: March Baronial (Giles Leabrook),Knights of the North Par d'Armes (Nemain)
  • April, May nil
  • June: Buttony Cross (William or Steavean or someone)
  • July nil
  • August: Ball d'Argent (Conterina) (possibly late July)

September: September Baronial (Bids close February - see B&B)

  • October, November, December, all nil

Please note Meeting specifically to allocate events is to be held after the November Baronial meeting. If you are wanting to run an event please get hold of the forms and make tentative bookings so that we may formalise as many events as possible

Weapons Legislation in Victoria

  • appears to be going ahead.
  • SCA and other medieval groups may be included as an amendment to this legislation. To be carrying any weapon would require *just cause and what this means is a membership card.
  • If there is any reason to consider becoming a member if you are a combatant, this is certainly one.
  • Pay to Play has always been a issue and it looks that this may become the case in Victoria

Seneschal will keep you posted

  • Acacia: Closely Following current Queensland case of a breach of probation by being in charge of a 1m stick with end wrapped in leather used for marshal arts. Charged with possession of a billy club. Does not have a membership card of the marshal arts group that he trains at which is causing solicitors considerable concern. Membership card would be considered just cause.

William: Del is working on this extremely well with other groups and no firm outcome can be predicted at this time. It is worth checking out the Seneschals website through the Lochac site for up to date information will be very soon. He is working closely with the Seneschals of Victoria and other groups to co-ordinating our response and applications to the State body.

  • Gabriel is to raise the issue at Fighter Practice on Monday Night with a view of getting the fighters to think about taking membership.

General Business


  • Bunnings is giving away supplies to the tune of $250 to local community groups. Contact at Bunnings is Emma (Dietrich von Lentz's wife). Nathaniel has paperwork. William will pick up the paperwork and put in proposal.

Fighter Practice has slowed down - stop slacking off!

HM Nerissa:

  • Have received very few recommendations from St Florian (i.e. 2)


  • Ditto for B&B.
  • Request $100 for 2 pels. Approved by group


  • September Baronial - no bookie, no seatie. Bookings close tonight. No admittance without booking.
  • Capped at 90 people. Hall will be open between 5:00 - 5:30 due to the number of people booked.
  • Money will be taken at the tourney and feast. Pay now, don't wait at the door. *Membership forms available at the event. (As per constable procedures)
  • Extra $300 required for feast due to the increase in numbers approved by group.


  • Received float return from Guild Day of $250.
  • Cheque requested for purchase of 50 serving spoons at $1.70 and one spoon at $2.50. Total $87.50. (Approved previous meeting).
  • Contacted by Telstra to put together a proposal for a demo for 22/11/2003, 12-4pm. NB set up and break down increase time considerably. Would prefer to set up pavilions at least at 10am due to heat. Constanzia (with the help of Giles, Kareina and the advice of Llewen the Unruly) has put forward a price of $4500 to Telstra. If we are successful, we will require all hands on deck in Abbey Standard demo. She will need a team of a minimum of 10 heavy combatants and 20 artisans. Would prefer to have many more than this as the demo is for 600-800 people (25% will be children).

Proposal will be available on yahoo if anyone is interested

NB Constanzia put this together with a view that we don't want to put on a demo at this time of year so it had better be worth our pain. All funds will go to the Barony. Barony will be expected to feed troupes light lunch and cordials. If this goes through, we will need full support, professional behaviour and dedication.

  • William: Thankyou to Gabriel and Constanzia - they handle this sort of thing often.