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Minutes 2004 January

Minutes for St Florian Baronial Meeting 21/01/2004.

Minutes taken by Constanzia (Apologies for any misspelling of names!)


Alaric of Bangor, Sabine de Bourbonais, Gabriel de Beaumont, Acacia de Navarre, Lilith de Tarra, Gryffyd Rhuddlan, Contarina la Bianca, Salaberge de le Granson, Huguette de la St Germain, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Der Draigon, Zora, Nerissa de Saye, Eleanore of the Orkneys, Ianto van Dieman, Vitez Tatiana, Giles Leabrook, Maud le leitiere.

Seneschal (Alaric of Bangor)

  • Seneschal until the end of 2004. Replacement required for January 2005. Advertising for replacement to occur in August.
  • Seneschal to advertise August for replacement

Seneschal's Objectives for next year

  • Promote Medieval Stuff
  • Assist Officers to work together

St Florian has won the May Crown Tournament 2005 bid.

  • William Addemere is Steward. Meetings/Workshops/Teams and so on will be put together soon.
  • Work to start post festival (May).
  • If you have any ideas or would like to help, please contact William Help needed

Bookstore info

  • Manfred (now working at good bookstore) will be bringing books to festival. He camping in the St Florian Encampment (Bangor) for those interested


  • Tatiana has completed handover to Katia Ivonava. Katia has emailed report.

Request of postcodes from Riverhaven Poll

  • Three postcodes are being requested from Riverhaven as they are the three postcodes in the Brisbane City Council Boundary south of the river.
  • Letter regarding this is going to DLV and Riverhaven Rag.
  • Poll open February to March 1 2004.
  • Only those living in the postcodes to be polled.
  • Decision will be based on results.
  • Postcode Poll Managed by Seneschal St Florian and Seneschal Riverhaven

Many events at proposal stage

  • Stewards, please arrange appropriate paperwork to be signed asap and get them to Pegasus.

Herald (Sabine du Bourbonais)

  • Has not heard any information back on registrations over the last 12 months other than Aleyd Lubeck's and Morynna Branwynt.

Chirgueon (Acacia de Navarre)

  • Nothing to report locally
  • Chirugeon System to be changed from warrant to roster.
  • Currently Chirugeonate is both guild and office position.
  • May be changing to guild only structure removing it from officer structure in the future.
  • Festival is coming up Chirugeonate desperately needs your help! If you have a first aid certificate, please volunteer. If you are only an apprentice or new to the guild, you will not be left alone. Good for learning and expanding your experience

Arts & Sciences (Lilith de Tarra and Huguette de la St Germain)

  • A&S is changing it's format. Wednesdays will become prelude to weekend workshops.
  • Dance practice to be held after monthly baronial meetings.
  • All attending A&S to fill in the attendance book as they arrive to A&S.
  • Issue There is an increasing knowledge gap between newer members to older members. FILL THE GAP campaign to commence. Need your help! Contact A&S officer. A&S to drum up support Help needed
  • Next week will be summer show and tell bring items you've been working on over the holidays to discuss how you are going and what you've learnt.

Hospitaller (Gryffyd Rhuddlan)

  • Baroness is writing document "Planning a wardrobe for festival".
  • If you have any tips or ideas please contact her
  • Approval requested for five quality boxes and antibug bits and pieces for storage.
  • Approved by meeting Hospit to purchase equipment
  • Acacia has four dresses to donate. Acacia to get to Gryff with these.
  • Replacement is due in March. If you are interested contact Gryffyd now. He will remain in the role with the incumbent's assistance for festival with a view of new officer take over fully in May.

Marshal Der Draigon

  • Waiting to find out when Fighter Practice to resume to normal when turf is ready
  • Bain's Bastard Training has begun
  • Marshallate to provide more proactive role to organising workshops tailored toward fighting in conjunction with A&S *Marshal to work with A&S to arrange workshops to be advertised
  • Request one box plus associated filing equipment Approved Marshal to purchase equipment

Quartermaster (Huguette de la St Germain)

  • Need shelving. $250 budget requested for approval for metal shelves Approved by meeting
  • Upcoming workshop to finish off banners TBA. Watch this space QM to advise

B'ness (Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora)

  • To make life easier for Royalty request creation of feasting kit. (Less to carry on plane) Want volunteers to donate/make items to go into a small basket.
  • Baroness has floated idea with rest of Baronies with a view of making this standard practice for Lochac. Help needed
  • Request for 50% of transport costs for Royalty approved Baroness to acquire receipts.

Baron (Gabriel de Beaumont)

  • Has made pells from money given to him by Barony.
  • We have excess pells. Will sell with profit going to Barony.


Giles Leabrook

  • March Baronial stuff will be finalised soon

Contarina la Bianca

  • Festival coming remember to update vaccination shots

Salaberge le Granson

  • Enquiry regarding Closed Officers Meetings. Concern indicated that this was not open to the public scrutiny.
  • Seneschal explained that this was started by William Addemere and has been working well. System is not broken so he doesn't intend to fix it. Intent of meeting was to support and foster officers to work together. It is appropriate to have these closed because it deals with operational issues. Opening this to the Barony will not benefit the Officers and will detract from meeting's objective. Minutes are published. Any decisions regarding the spending of money go through regular monthly business meeting.

(Note: Baroness doesn't want these happening on a school night, she gets too cranky!)

  • Baron will be running six monthly cheese and wine meetings for group to have opportunity to discuss strategic issues with Barony.
  • Closed Officer Support Meetings (Officer's Anonymous?) to continue

Der Draigon

Tourney in March Knights of the North. High Tourney, want to see more ladies in attendance.

Sabine de Bourbonais

  • Billeting assistance required for Burnfield wayfarers for Collegia. Contact Sabine if you are able to assist. Billets - Help needed