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Minutes 2004 May

Minutes Barony of St Florian de la Riviere - 19/05/2004

Minutes: (Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora) Start 19:30


Ianto, Der Draigen, Henri, Huguette, Sibhan, Raphael, Nerissa, Alaric, Constanzia, Gabriel, Conterina, Stefano.


Acacia, William, Katia, Gryfyd

Seneschal: Alaric of Bangor (01/04-12/04)

Kingdom Levy

Kingdom Levy is in final draft. Alaric has full copy. Basically at events that receive money there is a $1 levy per adult person. Max cap is at $750 for a Barony. Paid either quarterly or annually. This will eventually replace current Royalty Travel Fund ($5 added onto Kingdom events) after 12 months of this system working.


4076-4077 and 4078 are now a part of St Florian de la Riviere granted by Kingdom Seneschal. We have also regained 4113, 4116, 4117 from Bacchus Woods. For more information see Alaric. We did not get Kuraby as Bacchus Woods has an active member living in that postcode. This means that we now have all of South Brisbane and Redland Shire Council (minus Kuraby) and the Islands. Anomalies include Chelmer who’s postcode is 4078 – which is Indooroopilly. Berremba which is Logan City but is a part of St Florian (99% of the postcode is in Brisbane). Rochedale is 4123 is split between Logan City and Brisbane so Bacchus has kept it as the urban sprawl is in Logan.


There will be new Weapons Legislation in Queensland as of the 1st of July. Anyone in the SCA carrying any weapon must have good reason to do so – eg can’t just have it in the car, must be enroute to fighter practice/events etc. And also you must carry a membership card, authorisation card or appropriate training card to produce to the Police if asked. For further information, contact either Alaric or Raphael (Constable).

Policy addition for Barony.

All Baronial events requiring court from the Baron and Baroness (March Baronial, September Baronial and the Battle of Buttony Cross) have to be negotiated/approved with the Baron and Baroness. Particularly the date, location and times.

Chirugeon – Acacia de Navarre (6 YEARS +– REPLACEMENT REQUIRED)

Report by email There is only one major incident to report while at festival involving a trip to hospital. Everything else has been minor

Marshal – Der Draigon Rhudd (01/04-01/06) Report in person

There have been: • 3 authorisations • 3 marshals in training • 2 due for exame • FP is going fine following the regular scheduling

There was a tourney in April – Knights of the North. It was a good tourney. No incidences to report.

Der Draigon has spoken to Margie who will be sending up fighter and training cards re legislation. Will pass on to any group who needs them.

Herald – Gryffyd Ruddln (temp) 02/04-07-04 Report by Email

St Florian March 2004 submissions forwarded to Laurel

  • Bianca Foscari - Device and Name resubmission
  • Hugette de Saint Germain - New name and device submission
  • Ianto van Diemen - New Badge submission
  • Raphael Dunoir - New name and device submission
  • Stefano da Urbino - New name and device submission

St Florian March 2004 submissions returned by Crux

  • Lilith of Tarra - name returned for lack of documentation as to period name use - device submission pending new name submission
  • Llewelyn ap Daffyd - Device returned for conflict with Otto von Gratz
  • Villiame Bryson of Argyle - Device returned for conflict with Earl of Warwick, important non SCA arms.

St Florian April 2004 - submissions forwarded to Laurel

  • Llewelyn ap Daffyd - Device Resubmission

There have been no events requiring a herald since the last meeting.

Reeve: Katya Ivanova (01/04-01/05) Report by email


  • The current Balance $10,374.38 cr
  • March income $ 0.00 cr
  • Outgoings $ 224.70 dr

Unpresented cheques

We have the following cheques to still be presented they total - $104.20

  • Cheque 615943 Darren Stokes $73.20 Tent Repair
  • Cheque 615945 Nina Casagrande $31.00 Games Day

Paperwork pending

I am currently chasing the following paperwork in the form of event reports or receipts. • *Knights of the North Chq $75.00 17.03.04

Awaiting Event Report and Receipts

  • Tent repairs Chq $73.20 17.03.04
  • Awaiting Receipt (Given to Reeve after meeting)
  • Baronial Event Chq $800.00 02.03.04
  • Awaiting Chq Req, Event Report and Receipts

A&S: Huguette de la St Germain (05/03-06/05)

We've had shoe making classes and a workshop. These were well received. Thanks to William Addemere and Gryffyd Ruddln. Stefano is about to run classes on Latin and Greek poetry. Stanzi/Gabs is to open A&S on the 02/06, 16/06 and 23/06

Constable: Raphael du Noir (10/03-10-05)

WH&S issue. Fighters are to ensure their armour is kept to a designated area to avoid people tripping over escaping bits and pieces. No issues from recent tourney.

Hospitaller Position vacant. Please see Seneschal ASAP. REPLACEMENT REQUIRED


Huguette de la St Germain (12/01-12/03) REPLACEMENT REQUIRED Please replace me now dammit

Lists Huguette de la St Germain (12/01-12/03) REPLACEMENT REQUIRED

Will be running lists to teach others. It is important to skill up the Barony so more than one non-combatant can run a list. And Huguette needs to get rid of this position as well.

Abbey Ianto van Diemen.

This is a catered event. Stefano is the Cook. Cost is $370 for 2 brunches and 2 dinners. Bookings close for Abbey on the 02/06. Budget Approved.

Der Draigon

We need different people running more tourneys with different officers in charge to spread the load. Same people doing the same work over and over again. Der Draigon had a similar rant on the Constable's list as only the same three constables were sharing the load….and many of the other constables were working as either the herald, lists or marshal.


  • Event submission. Archery Tourney 18th of September. Cost $3 (including Lochac Levy). (Approved)
  • Tourney Saturday – Baroness's Birthday Bash RH
  • Taurum is running the tourney. Need as many volunteers to fight as possible.


Royal visit will be a Viking Saxon event. 23/10/2004. Venue and so on to be advised. Possibly at the football club. Stanzi to steward, Stefano will be the cook.

Der Draigon

September Baronial – looking to use as many pretties as possible. (Pavilions, banners and so on)

Close 8:05 PM. Next Meeting is Third Wednesday of the month at the Football Club 7:30pm