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Minutes 2005 January

Baronial Meeting: 17th January 2005 7pm

In Attendance:

Rachel & Der Draigon Rudd, Raphael du Noir, Tatania, Ianto van Dieman, Nerissa de Saye, Alaric of Bangor, Ysambart Courtin, Stefano d'Urbino, Villiame Bryson of Argyle, Gryffyd Rhuddln, Constanzia Moralez yd de Zamora, Huguette de la St Germain, Henri de Montferrat, William Addemere, Gabriel de Beaumont

1. Meeting Opened 7pm

2. Officer Reports


  • Everything is going well.
  • Has process in place for receiving money for authorization cards. *Any questions on the new process please talk to the Marshal.

Arts & Sciences:

Huguette is looking for a successor and has advertised.

  • A&S continues to be organized throughout the Barony on nights

facilitated within people's homes.

Reeve: (Raphael du Noir)

  • Not in attendance


  • Everything is in place and the focus is on May Crown.
  • There was much discussion at this point as to the procedures in the

appointment of a Constable for each event.

  • The view of the Constable was that the office is in charge of assigning Constables for any event held.
  • Stefano expressed his preference for the Steward to have a larger say in who is to be constable at any events.
  • Much debate ensued as to the wording of the constables handbook and what could become a practical process to ensure that both the wishes of Steward/Baronial Constable were met.


  • All events require a Constable and it is necessary for the Constabulary to know if one is required.
  • The event form will be changed to reflect any appointments by the Steward in relation to their event (Constable, Marshal

and Herald) and it will be up to the steward to liaise with the necessary officers to ensure the necessary requirements in running a sanctioned SCA event are covered.


  • Will print a number of copies of DLV but will only produce plain text via Email.
  • Has not yet received all the files of office and appears to be missing the back catalogue of DLV's which where notvreceived by his predecessor.


  • Position open.
  • Gear is currently stored under Huguette's house and she is seeking someone to take on the role.
  • Will need storage space.


  • Nothing to report.
  • Wishes to step down and seeks a replacement advert to go in DLV.

3. Officer Changeovers

In all cases of an officer changeover, applicants must apply in writing and forward their applications to the officer, B&B and the Seneschal. The officer will then send application to the Lochac level officer with remarks on the preferences of the B&B and Seneschal. In all cases it is the Lochac officer who is to make the decision on the replacement for all offices. The Seneschal has requested a speedy process for both the A&S and Herald positions which are critical to the success of May Crown.

4. Event Procedures

In order to aid the returning of funds and paperwork from events held (the Seneschal notes that reports and funds still are outstanding from his last event) at the time of submitting paperwork and budget's for events the steward will make a time with the Seneschal and or Reeve for the handover of funds and paperwork. This change was agreed to at the meeting and was immediately put into practice.

5. May Crown Update

Everything is going well for May. We should secure the premises next week after schools return and key roles have been filled. Please volunteer to help where you feel you could make a contribution.

6. General Business

  • Der Draigon Rhudd submitted forms for the knights of the north and will return the funds on the 5/3 after the event.
  • Villiame Bryson of Argyle has submitted the paperwork for April Baronial and will be running it in Naryse's place. Will return funds/report on the 18/4
  • Gabriel has received the money from Abbey 2004. Cheque received for

$680. Seneschal to pass on to Reeve. Meetings have already started for Abbey and Seneschal called upon people who may wish to run our part in this event for 2005 to come forward by the next meeting. To be listed on the St Florian List

  • Alex submitted paperwork for his tourney and northern war. No

Budget required for the tourney and will return money on the day. Northern war budget to be approved at future meeting.

7, Next meeting on the 14th of February Meeting closed 7:55pm