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Minutes 2006 August



Giles Leabrook, Maud la Leitiere, Helen Wentworth, Raphael du Noir, Raoul of Buzz, Grete Vuselin, Nesta verch Wyn, Bran, Cecilia Rose de Santa Maria, Gabriel de Beaumont (briefly)


Jessica of Fearne Abbey (seneschal), Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (Chronicler), Bain of Stornoway (Reeve), Henry de Monferat (Marshal). (Apologies made and understood due to Pennsic)


Quartermaster (Violante de las Andes) and Hospitaler (Elizabeth de Foxl).

Previous Minutes:

  • Accepted monthly minutes from last month.
  • Accepted by Buzz and seconded by Raphael.


Arts and Sciences - Cecilia Rosa de la Sancta Maria

  • Starting a brewers interest group. To be the 2nd and 4th Sunday each month. Major contributors, at this point, will be Buzz and Raphael. Starting in September at Raphael’s house. To be announced in DLV
  • Starting a Textile group including knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, dying etc. To be at Cecilia’s house 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.
  • Cecilia has been searching for a hall. Hasn’t found any yet and has asked for help. Wants anyone who has a hall in mind to give her contact details about it.
  • Cecilia is doing a loom making workshop at her house, the last weekend of September. Please advise before hand if you would like to make a loom. Will also have other textile projects on the go if you would like to attend.
  • Buzz has agreed to run a basic wood working workshop (say that 3 times fast) and a workshop on lead lighting /copper foiling. Will start when there is enough interest.

Webmaster - Raoul of Buzz

  • Wiki version of the website is developing
  • Some progress has been made to transfer the site over to Wiki but hasn’t been finished yet.
  • There was a gathering at Buzz’s house to work on the website that was not as effective as we would have liked. Unfortunately the server for the St Floz site was physically being moved on that day.
  • More work on the website is needed.
  • The work that has been done is good ?

Baron and Baroness - Announcements

  • Baronial report was due at Draco and Asa’s invest. The landed B&B (Giles and Maud) failed to report. They have negotiated a 4 week extension with their Majesties and have until 19th August 2006 to report.
  • Giles requested that all Baronial officers report to their superiors. He wants them to check to see that all of the office requirements are met. He wants a carbon copy of this to be sent to him and the seneschal (if by e-mail). This is to keep Royalty informed of Barony’s activity.
  • Reeve (Bain) needs to report to the Kingdom exchequer (Johanna of Yorkshire) ASAP. He has not done so and is behind in his report. We have been granted an extension on this report. Giles is sure that the Reeve will report and will do an excellent job of his role on return from Pennsic.
  • Motion to update all signatures for the Bank account upon Bain’s return.

Gabriel de Beaumont

  • Gabriel wishes to run an event to finalize the 12 tourneys.
  • Motion is seconded in principle. As we have no Seneschal present it cannot go further at this time.

Baron and Baroness – More Announcements

  • Barony is owed money by an individual. That individual is currently paying it back at the suggested amount of $5 per week and has done so for at least the last month ?
  • Landed B&B are satisfied with the frequency of the payments.
  • Giles requested that when he asks for information from an officer that is be made available to him.
  • Kingdom levy has not been paid as yet. Last month the Reeve and Seneschal agreed to pay the levy for the year to come. Unfortunately the Reeve has not paid this as yet. Hopefully this will be corrected as soon as possible as Giles and Maud are in possession of the cheque book and will find suitable people to sign a cheque to pay it. BTW Johanna of Yorkshire is a fine person and admired by all and is very kind again to give us an extension on our Reeve’s report.
  • Brisbane Medieval Fayre (BMF) was very well done. River Haven has offered to pay St Floz for our participation. We would be happy to accept their gift of money but it is not necessary. Getting new members was the focus of BMF for us. It appears to have worked as we have a few new guys at Fighter Practice tonight that saw us at BMF.

Baron and Baroness –To The Future

  • More events are needed for the rest of the year.
  • New premises for St Floz A&S required.
  • Giles and Maud encourage everyone to introduce themselves to any newbies.
  • Would love to see increased participation by members of the Barony who are not currently active.

Meeting closed 8:30 pm