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Minutes 2006 July


Present: Maud la Leitiere, Giles Leabrook, Raoul of Buzz, Grete Vuselin, Violente de las Andes, Jessica of Fearn Abbey, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Helen Wentworth, Andreas de Leon, Bain of Stornoway, Henri de Montferrat, Lorcan of River Haven, Gabriel de Beaumont.

Minutes: Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Meeting open 7.35pm

Outstanding Business

  • Heraldry Office files have been passed onto the new Herald - Lady Helen Wentworth

The "Move" Project

  • Lord William Addemere has not reported any progress
  • Giles Leabrook has made contact with the Scouting organisation. There are no sites available at this time.
  • Giles will be following up with Julie to see if she can assist.
  • Mistress Jessica to follow up with Katyia Ivanova regarding whether or not she has contacted William about a possible venue.

The "Ongoing Financial Matter"

  • Has not been followed up with as yet. Jessica will follow this up this week.


Seneschal – Mistress Jessica of Fearne Abbey

  • Has not been receiving reports from officers.
  • New Reporting Policy:
  • As of September 2006, All reports are to be emailed to the Seneschal the Friday prior to the monthly business meeting. The reports are to be tabled at the meeting and published in Dieu la Vault with the minutes.

Herald - Lady Helen Wentworth

  • Has received all equipment from Sabine and to her delight there are 16 submissions waiting for her attention. These will require further construction and she will be following up with these with a view of hopefully moving some of these along.
  • She has also been made aware of two potential new submissions (Verbally)
  • Awards were given out at the Baronial. Bouget: Steffan Glaube, Gabriel de Beamont, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora. Metier: Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora.
  • New Champions of St Florian are: Arts - Violente de la Andes, Archery - Andreas de Leon, Baronial – Agro d'Aguaisi, Baron's Champion - Orlando the Pure, Baroness's Champion - Guilliame Lavet (the fighter formally known as Gideon).
  • Helen has changed address - and now lives at Upstairs Downstairs. (Chron to change details in Regnum and Domum)

Chronicler – Duena Baronessa Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

  • Apologies for DLV being one day late. (Due to working on HRH invest gear previous week and weekend).
  • Printing was not available. Hard copies will be available on Monday. (Bain to print).
  • Hospit marketing materials outstanding as Hospit and Chron have not been able to make time due to Hospit uni commitments.

Webmaster – Lord Raoul of Buzz

  • Laptop has been stolen! (Approx 10k gone).
  • If you have sent anything that has not been published on the web in the last five years - please send again!

Quarter Master – M’lady Violente de las Andes

  • Quartermaster equipment is in good order!
  • Process has been created and published on the St Florian list and Dieu la Vault.
  • New boxes have been requested as she requires approximately 3-4 for about $80. As this cost will be under $100. Seneschal and Reeve to approve.
  • Have a lot of foodstuffs and cooking oil. Request to throw out foodstuffs that are out of date. Request to throw out foodstuffs is not required and decision made by QM on practicality and common sense. (Foodstuffs is a cockroach/rat magnet)
  • Baroness suggested to force foodstuffs onto stewards.
  • Suggestion was taken on with loud approval.
  • Equipment from St Florian Baronial was returned in a timely and immaculate condition.

Marshal – Lord Henri de Montferrat

  • Will email report to Seneschal

Reeve – Master Sir Baron Bain de Saint Florian

  • We have money - but is not aware of how much.
  • Has received money from Baroness's Birthday Par.
  • Made it clear that he will only chase up moneys that have been taken out of the account.

Lochac Levy issue was raised and discussed.

  • Agreed that we would pay $750 as of 2006-07 financial year as it is the right thing to do and the group is financially stable enough to afford it. Follow on effect is that the budgeting of the Lochac Levy will rise to $1.50 per person.
  • Action: Bain to pay $750 for financial year 2006-07.
  • Bain also to research arrears for previous years and pay whatever is outstanding.
  • Amounts of $50 and $260 are still outstanding to Lorcan of River Haven. Paperwork is yet to be completed.
  • Lorcan tried to pass the buck onto Bain and jokingly said that he'd been "let down, again".
  • Bain denied all knowlege.

Baron and Baroness – Giles and Maud

  • The Baronial banners appear to be missing. If you have these, could you please return them to the Baron and Baroness.

New policy:

  • All equipment owned by the Barony of St Florian should be stored with the Quarter Master.
  • Regalia to be stored with the Baron and Baroness
  • Concern raised by Bain - Believed that the banners should be stored with Sabine due to concern of damage caused by poor storage. (This is nothing to reflect the current QM). It would be a shame if the items were damaged and made worthless as many hours have been spent on these.
  • Discussion included that the Barony owns the equipment so the Barony is responsible for all of it. Just like with Kingdom regalia - after the item is completed, it is handed over to the Kingdom. Many hours have been spent on other things. Accessibility is an issue - particularly when it is so far away from the QM's and the Graceville Hall. (Bain suggested that he store them as an alternative which was disagreed with as it's another location.) Equipment is not being used because we don't have access to it - so therefore it's worthless unless it is accessible.

Bain suggested that this should be reviewed after current QM's tenure.

  • Decision to go with the policy. Giles is to request equipment off Sabine and William.
  • Gabriel threw in a concept of a Regalia Keeper. The soul purpose was to look after banners..
  • Henri raised that eric corners are being damaged due to storage at Football club and suggested that he could store them under his house. (Group Disagreed)
  • Gabriel raised that there's a nasty set of thrones taking up the majority of the room. Motions have been passed several times at meetings for it to be given away or destroyed but nothing has happened. Raoul offered to cut it up into formstools. Group loudly agreed! If the thrones are not removed by next meeting, Bain has promised to burn them.

Baroness's Par d'Armes – Lord Henri de Montferrat

  • Money has been handed over. Henri has asked Constanzia to help him with the paperwork. They will arrange this before the next meeting.
  • Baron Event reporting must occur. Would like to see clean slate so if you have an outstanding report, please follow this up as soon as possible.

Proposed Events

  • Celebration Par, Great Northern War 2007) Master Baron Gabriel de Beaumont
  • Will be submitting paperwork for the Celebration Par and Feast. He is still waiting on dates from HRH's as it will be St Florian's Royal Visit.
  • Will be putting together a team for Great Northern War. He is running the initial meeting for the team in two weeks. He is planning to blow about $200 on advertising such as Pegasus.

Other Business

Lord Andreas de Leon

  • The First Aid Kit must be made available at events.
  • At the Baronial he dropped a table on his foot which caused some significant damage to the toenail. All that was available was some clingwrap and some papertowel from the kitchen.
  • Barony has two first aid kits. One should be stored with the QM QN will be responsible for restocking with current items and run like a mini bar. Stewards must ensure that this is available at events. First aid kit needs to be gotten off Acacia de Navarre and moved to the QM's storage.

Duena Baronessa Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (and on behalf of Her Majesty, Asa Beiskalda)

  • During the Baronial, it was noted that the majority of the equipment that the Barony had was up to 10 years old and needed replacing. Constanzia and Asa came up with a list:
  • Banner Poles
  • Portable Holes
  • Amendments to be made to Principality banners!!!
  • Officer Tabards - for Herald/Marshals
  • Marshall Poles
  • Bunting
  • Rope
  • 50 plus stainless steel bowls
  • More stainless steel platters
  • More carafes
  • Rope
  • Bunting or equivalent
  • A Steward box containing - twine, scissors, safety pins, bluetac, pliers, light reflective tape
  • Signs - SCA, Arrows, Toilets
  • Smoking Tin
  • Asa also suggested a cleansing of equipment.

Quartermaster Workshop

  • Baroness suggested that equipment that was allocated to be removed from storage could be used for other means like Hospitaller.
  • Bain suggested that we should sell it to make a profit.
  • Jessica suggested that it should be for the betterment of the Barony.
  • Constanzia asked if she could go and start negotiating with some small businesses to see what sort of discounts she could get - eg Candles you can get much cheaper if you buy 100.
  • Violente is to arrange a Workshop to clean out the gear and work out what other items we may need.
  • Constanzia to get quotes for the list to bring back to the next meeting.
  • Bain asked that prior to members of the Barony purchasing anything, that they should first ask him to see what he can arrange before exchanging any money. (NB - Nothing should be purchased without prior approval anyway!)
  • Bain is to provide a padlock to Violente for the storage shed.

Meeting closed at 8.38pm