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Minutes 2006 June


Meeting opens 7:30pm

Present: (Sorry: this was listed in an exercise book which has been misplaced since the meeting! This is from memory)

Raoul of Buzz, M'Lady Grete Vuselin, Lady Helen Wentworth, Mistress Jessica of Fearn Abbey, Baroness Katyia Ivanova, Baron Giles Leabrook, Lady Maud la Letiere, Lord Henri de Montferrat, Lord Lorcan (stuff up meeting) of River Haven, Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Minutes: Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora The rest is not from memory!

May Minutes: Accepted by Baron Giles Leabrook, Lady Helen Wentworth , seconded


  • Herald, Lady Helen Wentworth is yet to receive stuff from Sabine
  • Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere, Lady Maud la Leitiere Purple sleeping bag mentioned in May minutes now belongs to the Baron and Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere.

Seneschal, Mistress Jessica of Fearn Abbey:

The Move Project is continuing

  • Places are being checked out by Lord William Addemere. (Deputy Seneschal)
  • Mistress Jessica of Fearn Abbey (Seneschal) hasn’t had a chance to follow up this month.
  • Baron Giles Leabrook (Baron of St Florian de la Riviere) has been in contact with Scouts Association in the local area. Communication is in process.
  • Baroness Katyia Ivanova has noticed one place that will be contacting William soon.

Ongoing: financial issue.

Process: The Seneschal will be contacting person to negotiate a payment plan with a view of having her continue playing. If this fails or instalments are not met, then contact will be made by the Seneschal to the Crown and Ozibod for further clarification of appropriate avenues which may include small claims court.

Jessica has been turning up to most fighter practices except for the one where it was raining and everyone went to the Muddy Farmer.

Follow up paperwork for Baroness's Birthday Par

Venue for dance not a viable option. Hopefully will be sorted with the "move" project


Marshall (Lord Henri de Montferrat):

  • Will email report. (Would love to please publish report in DLV – thanks Chron!)

Hospitaller (Lady Elizabeth de Foxle

  • Baron Giles Leabrook passed on her apologies for not attending. The state of her office is going well. Many of the boxes have been "manged". She has requested money to purchase these. Meeting decided that she is to get quotes and provide them at the next meeting for discussion. The Hospitaller has systematic process in mind for acquiring appropriate garb.

Herald: (Lady Helen Wentworth)

  • She has nothing to report on as yet as there have been no submissions. Many people have said to her, "I really must …"but nothing real as yet.

Reeve: (Sir Master Baron Bain of Stornoway)

  • Apologies were sent as he was in Rowany for business.

Arts & Sciences Mistress (Lady Cecilia Rosa de la Santa Maria)

  • Not reported as she is in Atlantia, about to be wed

Constable (Lord Raphael du Noir)

  • Not reported as he is probably enroute to Atlantia to be wed to the A&S officer.

Seneschal: (Mistress Jessica of Fearn Abbey)

  • Declared that she had nothing to report due to illness and mundane commitments.

Chronicler (Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Baroness St Florian de la Riviere)

  • DLV, Purple Pages and Domum have been created and distributed. Positive feedback so far and a few errors picked up – thankyou.
  • Calender for Website: Single data source for northern region to populate three groups databases. Discussions are still occurring. Everyone is very excited and positive. Meetings to kick off in July.
  • Website: due to be released as soon as the content is fine. Format is in a Wikki (everyone can deal with content). Full audit trail, backups etc. Administrator passwords to be available. Final decisions on passwords stuff yet to be finalised.
  • Possible marketing material discussions. Postcard shown from Bacchus Woods. Hospitaller and Chronicler will be developing marketing materials during the uni break with targeted views.

Baron and Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere (Baron Giles Leabrook, Lady Maud la Leitiere)

  • Baroness: DLV suggestion: Do you know x heraldry? Picture or blazon
  • Baroness Went to other Kingdom’s website and saw rolls of arms of members – really cool. Would be cool for our website. Advised that she could speak to William Castile on possibility of sucking data from lochac roll of arms.
  • Baron: There was a big plea on Baronies list from the King and Queen to please pay the kingdom levy. Have we paid? (Advised to ask the Reeve)
  • Baron: BMF (Brisbane Medieval Faire) Scheduled 5-6 August, Musgrave Park. The organiser had a meeting with every important medieval group in Brisbane…. sans SCA. Participation will not have any moneys going to the SCA. Purely a recruitment drive perspective. What River Haven is going to need are fighters. River Haven is looking at more of a partnership with SCA Qld. St Florian de la Riviere contact will be Giles for BMF.
  • RH Baronial Investiture and Burnfield event in July – good events to wayfare.


Henri de Montferrat:

  • Request for approx $50 to fix the Tree of Charmayne for Lorcan of River Haven. As the expenditure is less than $100 then approval process is to go through Reeve and Seneschal.
  • Henri has the money from the Baroness’s Birthday par d’armes however is yet to fill in the necessary reporting forms. Event has made approximately $200.

Lorcan of River Haven:

  • A requested $260 for the provision of Flowers and Marquis outstanding from May Crown 2005. He had passed on the receipts to the steward, Lord William Addemere, however these appear to have gone missing and he is yet to be paid outstanding moneys.
  • Unanimous approval from meeting providing that he is able to provide a stat dec.

Meeting closed 8:30pm

Meeting reopened: 8:30:15pm

Lorcan of River Haven

  • "I'm the idiot sent over here to stuff up your meeting"
  • Advised meeting that he is the Quartermaster for River Haven.
  • Requested borrowing the canopy for River Haven Baronial Investiture.
  • Requested to borrow pots from St Florian de la Riviere for Great Northern War. (Approved by Seneschal).

Mistress Jessica of Fearn Abbey

  • Process for inter-group borrowing of equipment is to go through the Seneschal. Phone call will suffice.

Next meeting 3rd July.

Meeting closed at 8:35pm. (Five minutes over due to Lorcan.)