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Minutes 2006 May


Minutes for the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere, 8th of May 2006

Meeting opened at: 7:35pm.

Attendees Mistress Jessica of Fearn Abbey, Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Baroness Katja Ivanova, Venice, Countess Asa Beiskalda, Sir Baron Master Bain of St Florian (who popped in), Baron Giles Leabrook, Baroness Maud la Leitiere, Lady Helen Wentworth, Lord Henri de Montferrat, Lord Raoul of Buzz, m’lady Grete Vuselin, Lord Malcolm Patterson,

Minutes Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Seneschal Jessica of Fearn Abbey

  • Meetings will be short and circular discussions will be cut short.

Reeve Baroness Katja Ivanova on behalf of Sir Baron Master Bain of St Florian

  • The Reeve is unable to produce a balance report for the Barony as the statement is still pending from the Bank. This issue is being followed up by Katja. "All money is where it should be."
  • Financial Report from Great Northern War, 2005 was received. $964 cheque and cash received by Bain

Marshal Lord Henri de Montferrat

  • Henri has returned from England and has retaken the role of Marshal. *There were no injuries at Festival.

Arts & Sciences Lady Cecilia Rosa de Santa Maria

  • No report received

Constable Lord Raphael du Noir

  • No report was received
  • Issue raised Lord Raphael is going overseas, Event Stewards will have to ensure that there is a constable and constable reports which are to go to Raphael on his return.

Hospitaller Lady Elizabeth de Foxle

  • No report was received

Herald Baron Giles Leabrook on behalf of Lady Sabine du Bourbonais

  • The proposed herald for the Barony is Lady Helen Wentworth.
  • Giles is yet to receive approval from Crux Australis.
  • Helen is yet to receive any of the 'stuff' from Sabine.
  • Giles further advised that he and Sabine will be available to assist with the position of Herald for St Florian.

Baron/ess Baron Giles Leabrook and Baroness Maud la Leitiere

  • One purple sleeping bag in canvas drawstring bag was left at their house. It has now been claimed by the Baroness.

Chronicler Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

  • Constanzia handed out the draft Dieu la Vault for discussion for the group after the Baronial meeting. (Lots of changes).
  • The website will be updated really soon.

Seneschal Mistress Jessica of Fearn Abbey

The Move”

  • The project “The Move” (to locate premises suitable to A&S and Fighter Practice) is continuing to be finalised within six months. The team comprises of Lord William Addemere, Mistress Jessica of Fearn Abbey, Baron Giles Leabrook, Baroness Maud la Leitiere. There is a wish list is in place. If anyone knows of good potential location, please contact one of the team.

On-going Financial issue.

One person owes substantial amount of money to the Barony. Jessica will be following this up with a telephone call. Discussions between Jessica (Seneschal) and the Giles and Maud (Baron and Baroness) regarding the process to retrieve this money are to be finalised. Once finalised, this process will be made public.

Event notices Winter Baronial Countess Asa Beiskalda

  • Request for an event approval for June Baronial. She submitted in event and budget submissions which were both approved. Unanimous Group approval for the budget of $21.50 per rata

Baroness’s Birthday Par d’Armes Lord Henri de Montferrat

  • Request for a budget of less than $100 which was unanimously approved by the meeting.
  • Henri did not supply an event notice for signature but is to do so prior to the event running.


  • Jessica of Fearn Abbey will be attending fighter practice every week for approximately half an hour to ensure she is available to people.
  • Lady Helen Wentworth would like to see dance happen in St Florian again and is happy to be the driver for it. Discussion of a possible venue occurred. The Baroness said that she may have access to an air conditioned gym however it would only be available after hours. Maud is to check the possibility of use. Dance at this stage would be once a fortnight running on the opposite weeks to River Haven. The Baron suggested that weekly works better for people to remember when dance is on. Discussion of constantly being responsible every week was draining. The Baron further suggested that perhaps to run as a prac week one week and a teaching week the following week.
  • Lord Andres de Leon has taken over as the director for Heynonny from Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora. At this stage it will be at his place on a Thursday night.

Meetings to occur on the first Monday of every month.

Next meeting 05/06/2006

Meeting closed at 8:15pm