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Minutes 2006 November


Present: Giles Leabrook, Maud la Leitiere, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Helen Wentworth, Raoul of Buzz, Grete Engelhardt, Nesta verch Wyn, Gabriel de Beaumont, Henri de Montferrat, Lorcan of River Haven

Apologies: Acacia de Navarre

Absent: Reeve, A&S, Constable, Quartermaster

Minutes: Nesta verch Wyn (checked by Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora)

Meeting opened 7:35pm.

Outstanding Items:

  • Banking – Bain and Stanzi to visit new bank 7/11/2006.
  • Hospitaller gear - is at Stanzi's place temporarily while Acacia moves house. The old canteen at the football ground is available for possibility of QM gear.
  • Cheques still to be written – Stanzi is following it up with Bain.
  • Stanzi is waiting on event reports. Gabriel has banked the Celebration money.
  • Cancellation of Great Northern War was proposed and approved.

Officers Reports

  • Submitted to Seneschal.
  • Attached at minutes.


  • The first draft of members badge presented by Stanzi. She is checking on pricing of pewter for pour.
  • Numbers are sitting on 24 again but some membership applications are in but not yet counted.


  • Stanzi is sorting out the lease of the football ground.

Buttony Cross

  • Budget approval request from Aemon MacGregor (via Seneschal)
  • Expenditure of $6/head food up to approximately $500.
  • Unanimously approved.

Kids in Media

  • No legislative requirements for us.
  • We must use common sense, courtesy and awareness.
  • Decided at meeting – if requested by parents – Chron team will remove pictures.
  • Note to be added to DLV and on website.
  • If ANYBODY is not happy with any photos shown, please let the Chron team know and they will remove them.

Other Business - Lorcan of River Haven

  • Request purchase of shipping container to be placed onsite at BP Park, Samford.
  • Storage and permanent structure
  • $2000 to purchase + $30 delivery. Possibility of resale at approximately $1600.
  • Seneschal cannot see feasibility for storage container on site where we do not have access (Samford). We haven’t got an event (yet) large enough to warrant the expenditure of $2000, or the equipment to actually store in it. One day it may be worth considering.
  • Baroness believes that it is putting the cart before the horse. (Solution before need)
  • To be discussed further via the list.

Other Business – Gabriel de Beaumount

  • Money request - $200 for fighter practice (6 month’s equipment).
  • Unanimously approved.

Meeting closed 8:45 pm

Note: No meeting in December or January. Next meeting - Monday 5th February 2007.