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Minutes 2006 October



Giles Leabrook, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Helen Wentworth, Raoul of Buzz, Grete Engelhardt, Nesta verch Wyn, Violente de las Andes, Cecilia Rosa de Sancta Maria, Raphael du Noir, Malcolm Petersone

Apologies: Jessica of Fearne Abbey, Maud la Leitiere,

Absent: Hospitaller (Elizabeth de Foxl), Reeve (Bain of Stornoway), Marshal (Gabriel de Beaumont)

Minutes: Nesta verch Wyn (checked by Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora)

Meeting opened 7:45pm.

Previous Minutes:

  • Giles proposed acceptance of minutes.
  • Raphael seconded.
  • Accepted minutes from September meeting.

Officers Reports

  • Submitted to Seneschal.
  • Attached to minutes.

Followed agenda presented by Seneschal - Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Membership – Ideas for Increasing

  • Suggest more significant price difference of non-members.
  • Peer pressure and financial incentive.
  • Benefits to be promoted in DLV.
  • Purple Card to include membership cost.
  • $120 per year – 1/3 off yearly cost for FP/A&S + free membership.
  • Constable noted – only have to sign paperwork once a year.
  • Buttony Cross badges – “I’m a member”
  • Stanzi to carve, Buzz to pour.
  • Enculturation – positive encouragement.
  • Form simple to fill out.
  • Officers to carry around forms.
  • Attach membership form to back page of DLV. Nesta to implement.


  • Timetable now available for 2007.
  • Stanzi to forward timetable to Nesta for DLV.
  • 2007 Wall Calender suggestion was given.
  • Become a member – get a free calendar.
  • Non-members will have to buy one.
  • There is still space for more small events in timetable.


  • Hospitaller has resigned. Position has been advertised and closure is 13/10/2006.
  • Marshal has resigned. Gabriel is covering the role until Bran is trained for position.
  • Last month’s job was to find deputies.
  • Helen has a new Herald deputy – Malcolm Petersone.

Money Management

  • Bank of Queensland has been sending statements to the wrong address.
  • Bain would like to change to ANZ.
  • Any issues?
  • None given.
  • Want to open a second account – a high yield account.
  • All agreed.
  • $4000 to stay in everyday account and balance to go in high yield account.
  • Stanzi will be chasing down all outstanding moneys from previous events. As per SCAA financial policy.
  • Need more signatories on accounts.

Financial Requests

Cooks Guild

  • request allowance for monthly basis of provisions.
  • A&S to contact persons for possible involvement
  • 3 month trial agreed upon.
  • $30 per month approved.

Purchase of Sisal from Ianulfr for Barony.

  • Requires $60 cheque to pay for it.
  • Seconded by Raphael.

Purchase of Stationary by Stanzi.

  • Requires $30 reimbursement.

Purchase of Brewing stuff for Buttony Cross by Buzz.

  • Requires $30 reimbursement.

Purchase of plastic boxes for Quartermaster by Violente.

  • Requires $33 reimbursement.

Costs of regional rug

  • need to pay $150 to River Haven. To be transferred into their account.

Meeting closed 8:20 pm