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Minutes 2006 September


Present: Giles Leabrook, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Helen Wentworth, Raoul of Buzz, Grete Vuselin, Nesta verch Wyn, Henri de Monferrat, Lillith de Tarra, Andreas de Leon

Apologies: Jessica of Fearne Abbey, Maud la Leitiere, Violente de las Andes

Absent: Hospitaler (Elizabeth de Foxl), Reeve (Bain of Stornoway), Constable (Raphael du Noir), A&S (Ceclia Rosa de la Santa Maria).

Minutes: Nesta verch Wyn (checked by Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora)

Meeting opened 7:30pm.

Previous Minutes:

  • Reeve has reported.
  • 12 tourney closure event approved.
  • New site maybe not needed now due to club redevelopment.
  • Minutes ratified by Raoul of Buzz.
  • Accepted minutes from August meeting.

Marshall – Henri de Monferrat

  • Has box of stuff for Quartermaster.
  • Accepted by Andreas for forwarding to Quartermaster.

Herald – Helen Wentworth

  • 2 new submissions. Sent off to Crux Australis.
  • 3 submissions were lost in January by Australia Post. College of Heralds are covering cost of resubmission. 1 received for resubmission.
  • A spreadsheet is being developed to track St Floz heraldic submissions.
  • Kingdom Quarterly report has been sent in.
  • Baron to send Herald copy of ceremonial document.

Chronicler - Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

  • Kingdom quarterly report sent in.
  • DLV, domum, purple pages – all sent out.
  • Kingdom report sent in and copies sent out to DLV list.
  • Baron gave thanks to Constanzia for all the work done on the kingdom report.

Baron - Giles Leabrook

  • Apology from Jessica of Fearne Abbey.
  • Seneschal submits her resignation, effective immediately, due to health reasons. Jessica does want to assist as deputy however she can.
  • Process for replacement – short term solution then following on with mid to long term solution.
  • Constanzia is stepping into the breach (with conditions). Short term only (3-6 months). *Needs deputy for training and eventual handover.
  • Baron calls out for deputy submissions.
  • Apology from Baroness due to other commitment.

Celebration Par d’Armes.

  • King and Queen to be there.
  • Baron requests recommendations for awards. Someone send some in!!!!!

Battle of Buttony Cross

  • Proposed date of 18th November.
  • Submission will be presented at October meeting.
  • Will be evening melee and tavern.


  • There has been a significant reduction of events and attendees this year.
  • Barony would like to encourage a more events that are simpler to run for newer stewards.
  • Baron and Baroness will help anyone who wants it.
  • Baron requests event submissions for rest of this year and next year.

Caretaker from Rugby Club

  • Changes to facility. Top field will be redressed to top class. Current field is sinking and contaminated due to being a previous soft fill dump. There will be a sealed carpark and new entry point closer to the top field as the current entry point is hazardous. They will be re-signing lease as a multi-use facility.
  • New building scheduled (2 storey). Groups to use – junior rugby league, touch football, canoeing, St Floz. Entry statement with signage. 18 months to 2 year plan. Official announcement in 3-4 weeks.
  • Request to St Floz. Barony to provide want/wish list for new development before next meeting (storage and usage area details). Barony to also provide letters of support at a later stage.

Seneshal – Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Celebration Par d’Armes.

  • Approval given for tourney.
  • Budget approval requested.
  • Unanimous approval given.
  • Kingdom Report
  • Membership – more people take membership please.
  • Officers gathering. Email will be sent out to organise time.

Baron - Giles Leabrook

  • Congratulations to officers for sending reports to their kingdom officers.
  • Homework for this month. Officers to decide if they need a deputy. Report at next meeting:
  • Do they need one?
  • Do they have one? Or
  • Are they still looking?
  • Nesta is taking over Chronicler as Constanzia is taking over Seneshal. Stanzi to mentor Nesta in position.
  • Welcome to Ianulfr and Helene

Meeting closed 8:30 pm