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Minutes 2007 August


Present: Nesta verch Wyn, Buzz, Grete Englehardtz, Giles Leabrook, Maud la Leitiere, Henri de Monferrat, Ezebet Szoke, Helen Wentworth, Charyse the Shy, Elizabeth de Foxel, Sabine du Bourbonnais, William de Adimere

Minutes: Nesta verch Wyn

Apologies: Andres de Leon, Violante de las Andes

Meeting opened 7:30pm.

Previous Month’s Minutes

  • Accepted with alterations – include mundane names of officers volunteering for signatories of account.


  • Herald – no submissions this month, no awards.
  • Chronicler – web meeting to be organised in September.
  • QM – gear now at B&B’s house.
  • Reports to be sent to Seneschal and Officer’s List.

A&S Hall

  • Hall looks good.
  • Needs tables and chairs.
  • Scouts are organising supply of tables.
  • Needs banners. Does anyone have any that they can donate?
  • Needs clean up day organised.
  • Call to be put out to list for any donations of furniture – specifically couches.
  • Sabine suggested to buy 20 plastic chairs (approx $12 each). Moved Sabine, seconded Giles. Approved upon sign off by financial committee.
  • Sabine requested pre-approval for tables if necessary.

Reports Outstanding

Baronial – Elizabeth waiting on reports. Will submit once received.

Buttony Cross

  • Date to be determined.
  • Not to be held in August due to short notice.

Football Club

  • Invoice (to December 2007) received, containing CPI retrospective increase.
  • Sabine trying to contact club President. Still waiting on response.
  • Concern about double booking during touch football season.
  • Discussion to be held with fighters about finding new site.
  • Moved Sabine, seconded Buzz that we pay invoice but send letter of displeasure about status, double booking, etc. Accepted.


  • Gwynfor not responding to contact for SCAA response.
  • Meeting to be organized.
  • Need to start fundraising to cover money already spent.
  • Sabine to contact Siridean as volunteered fundraiser boss.
  • Suggestions required for ideas for fundraising to be sent to the list. *Will be non-SCA events.
  • B&B officially regret this has taken so long. Pleased that group is now going ahead.

7 Deadly Sins

  • Dramatis Personae are doing a show on 16th August 2007.
  • All are welcome. See August DLV for details.


  • Welcome Sabine as Seneschal.

Meeting closed 8:15 pm