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Minutes 2007 December

December Baronial Meeting 2007


Andres de Leon, Lillith de Tarra, Helen Wentworth, Siegfried the Late, Maud le Leitiere, Giles Leabrook.


Sabine du Bourbonais, Violante de las Andes, Henri de Montferrat, Erzebet.

Meeting started 19:45

Previous minutes noted.

Arising business:

Event account open.

Fund Raising

  • Maud expressed concern over accountability re: Sheridan's bank account. She doesn't want his generosity to cause him embarrassment if we can't

tally the money correctly. Solution - no solution. Keep records of any payment you make to the truck fund, and ensure that you note any deposits as being for "truck".

  • $474 raised at Boules.
  • Jumble Sale at the Dutton Park Scout Hall slated for 17th January -contact Acacia. This will also be the first A+S session and Baronial Meeting of 2008. It should be busy.


  • Abbey discussion arranged for 10 January under the guidance of Charyse.

Officer reports:


  • Assisted at Crown.


  • No event monies received this month, other than A+S fees. Internet access is open.


  • no submissions this month, although there are many submissions pending.


  • attended Crown, helped and learned.


Quartermaster and A+S Officer had previously reported to the Seneschal.

Post Office Box

  • was considered, Reeve stated that the cost would be $70 per annum, the meeting was split between those who wanted the box in Fairfield, those who wanted it in Annerley and those who didn't care. More discussion to follow.


  • SCAA has instructed us that they are satisfied a payment from the Barony regarding the Festival Truck is within our incorporation rules. As the amount has been previously approved by the finance committee the Reeve is instructed to prepare the cheque and send it.

Changes to Membership

  • Changes to memberships have been foreshadowed by the SCAA. These include new 5 year memberships, fees to rise (they haven't for some time), and pay to fight implemented 1st of May 2008. All combatants should be gaining membership before that - now would be the best time.

Lost Property

  • Garb Lost last seen at RH 25th Baronial 1 Norse jacket in brown wool with black felted cuffs, also 1 felted hat in burgundy, cream and brown. Please contact Lillith if you find it. Lillith is also searching for � metre of black damask if anyone has any.
  • Siegfied has lost an elbow cop.

2008 event calendar for the QLD region is being organised.

  • Helen wants to run a ball.

Meeting closed at 20:45.