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Minutes 2007 February


Present: Giles Leabrook (Baron), Maud la Leitiere (Baroness) , Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (Seneschal), Helen Wentworth (Herald), Nesta verch Wyn (Chronicler), Violante de las Andes (Deputy Reeve - Assets) , Acacia d'Navarre (Hospitaller), Lilith de Tarra (Member), Aonghos Mac Darrach (Non Member), Charyse the Shy (Member), Leonore de Scotia (Member), Malcolm Pattersone (Member), Andres de Leon (Member), Mathilde Adgcote (Member), Karen de Saint Florian (Non Member), Gabriel de Beaumont (Member)

Minimum SCA financial requirements are not met for approvals without the approval of the Reeve (Bain of Stornoway). (Five Paid Members which must include Seneschal, Baron or Baroness and the Reeve)

Absent: Reeve, A&S, Constable

Minutes: Nesta verch Wyn (checked by Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora)

Meeting opened 7:30pm.

Officers Reports

  • Submitted to Seneschal.
  • Attached to minutes.


  • Numbers are sitting on 38.
  • Seneschal is aiming for 50 members.


  • Current balance = $14471.08. There are outstanding cheques to be paid.
  • The Bank of Queensland account is dead. We now have new accounts at ANZ.


  • Baroness’ Birthday submitted for 23/06/2007 by Guilliame Lavet. Expenditure of $6/head for food requested. (Unanimous approval. Reeve to approve prior to cheques being drawn)
  • Knights of the North 24/03/2007 by Gabriel de Beaumont. Expenditure of $200 for food requested. (Unanimous approval. Reeve to approve prior to cheques being drawn)


  • Touch football (Premiers) is being held on the fields on a Monday night until the end of February. (Information provided by Premiers).
  • South’s Football Club (Caretakers of premises) has failed to contact SCA about the continued double booking. Complaint emails previously sent.
  • Buttony Cross kitchen crew have requested that another email be sent regarding the kitchen not being clean enough to work in when they arrived to cook for the event.

Abbey Museum Weekend

  • Proposal from Charyse for Dramatis Personae to provide play for July weekend.
  • Require 6 to 12 people.
  • No encampment and minimal effort requirements.
  • 1 act play, 1 or 2 times per day.
  • Requested permission for putting in an application.
  • Seneschal to contact Crown for approval as it clashes with Winter Crown.

Great Northern War

  • Baron advises that Great Northern War will be on the Queens Birthday Long weekend. Scouts have accepted a booking however there have been compromises on site access.

Meeting closed 7:50 pm