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Minutes 2007 June



Nesta verch Wyn, Gile Leabrook, Maud la Leitiere, Henri de Monferrat, Ezebet Szoke, Grete Englehardtz, , Elaine Wentworth, Tomas Eskelson, Steffan Glaube, Malcome Paterson, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Carpathia de St Florian, Gabriel de Beaumont, Guilliame Lavet, Andres de Leon, Lorcan of Riverhaven

Minutes: Nesta verch Wyn



Meeting opened 7:34pm.

Previous Month’s Minutes

  • Accepted with no alterations.


  • Numbers are down from 42 to 36 due to registrar issues.
  • Stanzi is following the issue up with registrar.


  • $15,460.08.
  • 2 cheques are outstanding. ($45 Membership for Buttony Cooth membership draw, and approximately $186 St Florian’s half of northern carpet costs).
  • Have not received amended account from Football Club.
  • Fighter practice statistics – up from previous years.

Event Reports

Knights of the North

  • Report outstanding from Knights of the North – Gabriel.
  • Money has been banked.
  • Cook is yet to provide receipts so the financial report is outstanding.

Lochac Levy

  • Is currently outstanding.
  • Waiting on exchequer to provide payee details.


  • Still need a steward for Baronial Championship at the end of July. (Now Elizabeth de Foxle).

Financial Requests

Baron and Baroness (Giles Leabrook and Maud Le Leitiere)

  • Request from Baron and Baroness for 2 kilos of chocolate to the King and Queen as payment for war loss at Festival.
  • Cost of approximately $25.00 Moved Giles, seconded Henri. *Unanimously approved by the Finance Committee

Chroncicler (Nesta verch Wyn)

  • Request from Chronicler for external Hard Disk Drive and packet of DVDs to backup the DLV and website data.
  • Cost of approximately $200.
  • Moved Nesta, seconded Maud. *Unanimously approved by the Finance Committee.


  • Jessica of Fearn Abbey is ill again. What can we do to help? Malcolm to provide feedback to group.


  • Request from Giles for River Haven to borrow equipment from QM gear for Great Northern War.
  • This is request not required to go through the Baronial meeting.
  • As the event is being run by River Haven, the list of equipment is to be provided to the Seneschal by the steward of the event. (St Floz Seneschal to advise RH Seneschal). *Permission given from Seneschal provided that list is sent.
  • Giles to see Violante for gear.

Hall Discussion

  • Stanzi to write up business plan and send to SCAA.
  • 6 month lease suggested starting from July (after Abbey).

Meeting closed 8:15 pm