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Minutes 2007 March


Present: Apologies from the Chronicler. She forgot to take down names.

Meeting opened 7:30pm.

Last Month's Minutes

  • Accepted with no alterations.


  • Numbers are sitting on 38.
  • Some forms have been sent out to people for joining.
  • Constanzia and Raoul are currently working on the members’ badge.


  • Start of February = $14516.18.
  • End of February = $14646.08.
  • There is an outstanding cheque of $200 to Jessica of Fearn Abbey for Knights of The North.
  • Some cheques are to be written as per previous month approvals.
  • Additionally a cheque of $750 to Lochac levy for the current financial year is required.

Abbey Museum Weekend

  • Permission has been given by Crown for the clash with Winter Crown.
  • Permission is given for food but not for accommodation. $10 per player per day. This cost must be approved by 5 members including B&B and Seneschal. Approval to be sought by Reeve.

July Baronial

  • Request for steward was printed in March DLV.


  • There is a need for new people to take over a number of positions within the Barony.
  • Seneschal has contacted the Kingdom Constable about the need for replacement. Carpathia is to step up as Constable with Siegfried as Deputy. Approval has been given by Baron and Baroness and Kingdom Constable.
  • Barony requires a new Reeve. Bain cannot continue due to mundane commitments. The Seneschal (Constanzia) is discussing with Kingdom Exchequer on permission to change over to Andreas de Leon.
  • Arts and Sciences Officer needs a replacement due to Cecelia’s current mundane workload. Seneschal is to advertise the vacant position on the St Florian list.
  • Gabriel is currently Acting Marshal and wishes to hand this position over to a new person. Maybe a non-fighter is able to volunteer. Seneschal is to advertise the position on the St Florian list.


  • People at events are not wearing shoes. When asked to don shoes, they are ignoring said request.
  • Baronial Process: to go to Seneschal and Baron, and they will discuss the issue with offenders.


  • 1 to 2 submissions a month are currently being received.

Meeting closed 7:55 pm