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Minutes 2007 May


Present: Nesta verch Wyn, Carpathia, Grete Englehardtz, Violante de las Andes, Andres de Leon, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Henri de Monferrat, Elizabeth de Foxel, Bain de St Florian, Leofric Willoughby de Broke, William Ademere, Salaberge de Granson, Katherine Alycia of Sarum

Minutes: Nesta verch Wyn,

Verified: Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Apologies: Acacia de Navarre

Meeting opened 7:30pm.

Previous Month's Minutes

  • Accepted with no alterations.


  • Numbers are sitting on 42.
  • 1 member to be transferred from River Haven.
  • Badges - Constanzia has poured them and is tidying and tagging.


  • $15,152.08.
  • Need to reconcile financial reports from old Bank of Qld account.
  • Need to add the new Reeve (Andres de Leon) to the account as signatory. *To be sorted out by old Reeve and Seneschal by end of May.
  • Need to bank fighter practice monies for the last couple of weeks.
  • Seneschal is requesting Tax File Number from OZIBOD for banking.

Abbey Museum Weekend

  • Event has to be published in June DLV for insurance purposes.

Event Reports

  • Report outstanding from Celebration Par d'Armes.
  • Money has been banked however there's no record on how much as been banked to hand. Gabriel has to wait until Reeve and Seneschal sort out last year's books before he can finalise this report. Financial report is the only thing outstanding.
  • Report outstanding from Knights of the North Gabriel.
  • Money has been banked. Cook is yet to provide receipts so the financial report is outstanding.


  • New Arts and Sciences officers have been appointed. Jessica of Fearn Abbey and Violante de las Andes.
  • Current positions vacant are Seneschal and Group Marshal. Both have been advertised in May DLV.


  • Fighter practice has had an increase in numbers.
  • Barony needs more people to run events.
  • New Constable is to chase up the old Constable for equipment/paperwork.
  • Request from Chirurgeon to refill First Aid kits after Festival. Up to $75 to cover replacements. Moved Acacia, seconded Salaberge. Need approval from Baron and Baroness and Reeve.

Encampment for Festival 2008

  • Policies are being developed by SCAA to cover SCA groups running encampments at Rowany Festival. (Shires, Baronies, Cantons and Colleges not households.)
  • Groups running an encampment will be required to complete normal event procedures to protect individuals who are running the encampment.
  • Some positions within the event submissions will be covered by Rowany as the umbrella event. (eg Marshals, constable).
  • Event submission and Budget submissions will be required from the Steward of the Encampment
  • Budget submission is to include truck hire budget as well approval for any benefits for the driver of the truck.
  • Approval of driver/s to occur at a Baronial Meeting.
  • Extra insurance options is still be investigated by SCAA.
  • Benefits budget/funding, transparency, fundraising possibilities.
  • SCAA recommends St Florian runs separate account for large projects (eg encampment).
  • Attendees of the meeting thought that running one account was more than enough
  • Concern was raised regarding households being disenfranchised or missing out opportunities.
  • Point was raised that if a secondary truck was needed, and a household wished to run it, providing that all st florianites had the opportunity to use this, that there would be no problem for that to be submitted. (RV - Just like if a household wished to run an event)
  • Concern raised regarding disenfranchising households from access to encampment.
  • Point raised that this was a matter of choice and that provided that the encampment was run at a cost neutral or profit perspective, the Barony there would be no issues.
  • Fundraising opportunity discussed for the St Florian encampment through Bunnings. Previously, households have had access to camp in the St Florian Encampment area and use facilities at a price which would therefore make cost of extra facilities cost neutral.
  • Seneschal to write to Bunnings to request permission to run sausage sizzles as fundraiser. Moved Constanzia, Seconded Carpathia approved.
  • Storage could be an option on the new site.
  • If the opportunity of storage is presented, budget submission to be put to the Barony with a method of recouping costs through rental/fundraising. Brainstorming to occur if/when situation arises.
  • Carpathia to find out about obtaining shipping containers from Newcastle.

Meeting closed 8:15 pm