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Minutes 2008 April



Andres de Leon, Violante de las Andes, Giles Leabrook, Maud la Leitiere, Grete Vuselin, Raoul of Buzz, Nesta verch Wyn, Helen Wentworth, Tomas Eskelson, Siegfried the Late


Taken by Andres de Leon, Typed up by Nesta verch Wyn

Meeting opened 7:35pm.

Officers Reports

Marshal: (Giles Leabrook)

  • Time for Giles to stand down.
  • New person by Great Northern War for war training.

Chronicler: (Nesta verch Wyn)

  • Finally has time to do DLV. It is coming soon.
  • Lucia Littlefair has offered to help DLV.
  • Requires B&B blurb for issue.

Herald: (Helen Wentworth)

  • No new submissions.
  • No new approvals.
  • Few are awaiting approval.

Arts and Sciences: (Violante de las Andes)

  • Classes under construction.
  • Schedule coming soon.
  • A&S things are planned for GNW.
  • Sonnets as possible class.
  • Getting a range of different classes.
  • Buzz has offered wine and mead class and lead lighting class.

Quartermaster: (Violante de las Andes)

  • Stuff is in the hall.
  • Things are possibly still at Giles/Maud's.
  • Clean-up needs tot be scheduled.

Reeve: <Ullo!!>

  • 3 nights are running at a loss.
  • Agreed that so longs as we are developing, all is well.
  • Close event account request, seconded by Nesta - Approved. No money in. $10 out account fee.

Baron: (Giles Leabrook)

  • Emails forwarded to Kingdom Seneschal Vote 1 Andres.
  • GNW event form to seneschal soon. Sent to Pegasus.


No new events scheduled.


  • Steward = Violante. Date to be advised (July?).
  • A&S theme = Love in the Middle Ages. Start entries now.

Suggested event by Tomas and Guillame.

  • Tournament in Honour of the Queen (has Queen's approval). 17th or 24th May.
  • Heavy and Rapier. Sonnets for the Queen wanted.

General Business

  • Greater support suggested for Southern Queensland groups, attending events, etc.

Truck issue:

  • Still being finalised. Discussion between Reeve, Seneschal and Gabriel and Constanzia.
  • Fundraising: B&B disappointed in events suggested by individuals not being run. Looking at date for jumble sale. 3 weeks suggested date to be organised by Violante. Saturday garage sale style suggested. Please do things soon.

Henri and Buzz are making mead.

  • Have the ingredients and recipes. If people are interested contact Buzz.


  • Request from Giles for more keys to be made.

GNW: (Giles Leabrook)

  • Looking for marshals and markets coordinator.
  • Grete and Violante volunteered as water wenches.
  • Event will be at BP Park "Home of the Powerful Owl". All coming together nicely.

Need to make marshal tabards A&S project.

  • T-shirts and tavern mugs to be organised by Wendell.
  • Purple shirts suggested Proposed Giles,
  • Seconded Andres Approved. Jealous
  • Old Man and dancing as suggested performing.
  • Violante is organising entertainment.

Meeting closed 8:40 pm


Rachel Vess A/Business Support Officer Beenleigh Child Safety Service Centre Ph: 3884 7481 Fax: 3884 7475