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Minutes 2008 August

Baronial Meeting Thursday 7 August 2008 at A&S Meeting.


Gabriel de Beaumont (Seneschal), Tomas Eskerson (Reeve), Giles Leabrook (Baron), Orlando the Pure (Dept Seneschal), Gregorious Gol Gol, Raoul of Bourbonet (Dept Seneschal), Grete Engelhardtz, Siegfried von Holtzhammer (Constable), Nesta verch Wynn (Chronicler, A/A&S), Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Henri de Montferrat, Sz�ke Ers�bet

Open 7:20

  • Previous minutes were not published so copies distributed for catch up
  • Seneschal has been warranted as Gabriel West

Standing Agenda: Outstanding Matters


  • Gabriel having meeting with Quentin Carson-Beals, president of the local chapter of the Scouts on Thursday 14/08/2008
  • Discussion to happening of sole tenancy.
  • Gabriel has sent a suggested cost $280*per month to Quentin.
  • Gabriel wanted to make it clear that this is a private discussion with between him and the Scouts, he does not want people hanging around joining in.
  • Gabriel believes we�re in a good position � we can leave, they need us to stay, however he wants a win win position for both community groups.
  • Gabriel will inform the outcome of this negotiation.
  • Raoul of Bourbonet and his team have been working on the premises on repairs. No further work is to be completed on the premises until an agreement is finalised with the scouts.

Lochac Levy

  • Barony is yet to pay for all of 2006/07 and 2007/08.
  • Matter will be held off until all financial reports are finalised to work out how much is owed. (By the end of August)

Officer replacements/deputies

  • Chronicler is being advertised however we don�t require that position to run the Barony.
  • Marshal still waiting on replacement (since May 2007)
  • Seneschal requested officer list that all officers to arrange a deputy so we have continuity training
  • Be aware anyone who is a deputy does not necessarily automatically take over the role at the end of tenure and will have to apply as per the normal process.

Bank accounts

  • Current signatories: Giles Leabrook, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Tomas Unitt, Nesta verch Wynn.
  • Raoul of Bourbonet is also approved, is yet to be added to the account.
  • Signatories to be removed from account: Bain of Stornoway, Sabine de Bourbonais, Andres de Leon. To be actioned by next meeting.
  • Electronic access to view accounts by Tomas is to be arranged.
  • All bank statements will be going to Tomas�s home address
  • We are outstanding bank statements since approximately March 2008 as they went to Andres de Leon�s old home address. There will be an attempt to retrieve these, however if this is not possible, the cost for reprint is just under $15 per statement. Question of whether the print out from the internet will suffice, however these are not the �legal� copy of the accounts as they could potentially be altered.

St Floz encampment 2007

  • $124 unclaimed sundries offered for approval at the BFC

Standing Agenda: Officer reports:

  • All received from all officers except from Hospit/Chirugeon
  • Gabriel appointed two deputies
  1. Orlando the Pure as the person in control of Monday night fighter practice. This is a major activity of the Barony.
  2. Raoul of Bourbonet who will be heading up hall repair as deputy seneschal.
  • Gabriel is working on officer report template to provide guidance to what to report on.

Standing Agenda: Membership

  • Current membership is 43 members.
  • About 25 percent will run out in October/November.

Standing Agenda: Financial Matters:

  • The second St Florian Encampment account has been closed and rolled over to the main account.
  • There is just over $18k sitting in the account after chasing up outstanding money.
  • There will be approximately $6k in outstanding cheques due to be written tonight.
  • Barony is in a good financial position.

Baronial Finance Committee

  • Gabriel posted a long email around the Baronial Finance Committee to the St Florian List which included the SCAA Finance policy 6.1 Responsible officers.
  • St Florian will be working from the minimum to better standard
  • This change is an increase from the previous practice which was not in line with the SCAA finance policy.
  • Issues raised around the vagueness of the policy and how we would apply it.
  • There will be only five members on the committee
  • The reason behind only five because it is the minimum requirement and will allow for emergency decisions as required. However, as it is only five, the decision on any major expenditure must be unanimous.
  • Issue raised around how to choose the spare two.
  • Discussion occurred around options.
  • Seneschal will choose the spare two from available paid members at the meeting. Ideally these people will not be involved in the budget submission but the Seneschal will take who he can get. J
  • Concerns about stacking over on particular budget submissions.
  • As the decision has to be unanimous, there are five officers, it only takes one to stop the decision, and further, if any officer or witnesses considered potential stacking, then they could raise that issue with the Lochac Seneschal.
  • The Baronial Finance Committee is to be minuted and witnessed and advice can be taken from the floor.
  • Process to be reviewed in three months time.

Other business:

  • Policies and Procedures documents currently being written.
  • To be put up on the website.

Hall Use

  • Cost: $15 an hour.
  • No one is to use it without Seneschal�s permission.
  • Seneschal in discussion with Scouts on our access.
  • To be passed to Ozibod for signoff.

Baronial Business Meetings at A&S

  • Baronial business meeting during A&S time and having to pay to attend.
  • In January 1997, there was a motion that anyone attending A&S is required to pay $3. The Baronial meeting is held at A&S so therefore all attendees are to pay.
  • Seneschal discussed with Ozibod chair and this is correct application.
  • Issue raised was that people attending the meeting were doing the group a service by participating in the decision making process.
  • Gabriel acknowledged this service, however there are many people in the Barony who contribute to the Barony and they are all expected to pay � when there is a cost to run the meeting.
  • Raoul of Bourbonet disagrees
  • Tomas stated that he did not believe that people should have to pay to attend a Baronial Business meeting
  • Gabriel West believed that the Business meeting was cutting into the valuable and but short A&S time. Gabriel has decided that the next Baronial meeting is to be on Sunday 7th of September 2008 at his residence at 2pm.
  • End decision, is that if a Baronial meeting or a Baronial activity costs money to run � such as hiring a hall, then there an expectation that all people will pay nominated amount (except B&B).

A&S/Fighter practice structure and planning.

  • Developing structure and classes for both A&S/FP with aim to increase attendance.
  • There is a possibility of raising A&S from $3 to $4 and increasing the time to three hours (in line with FP).
  • Gabriel is willing to take a slight loss on 1 A&S night if making a profit at FP � as without A&S we will be just a Marshal Arts Club
  • We have been charging $3 since 1997.
  • Price change to be discussed next month after conclusion of Dutton Park Scout negotiation.
  • Will consider �purple� card again for annual attendance.
  • Will be discussed after financial reports have been sorted out.

Meeting closed : 8:15

Baronial Finance Committee Meeting

  1. Gabriel de Beaumont - Seneschal
  2. Tomas Unitt � Reeve
  3. Giles Leabrook � Baron
  4. Henri de Montferrat - paid member
  5. Raoul of Bourbonet - paid member.
  • Lease for Scout Hall � Invoice $2295.00. Vendor: Kurilpa Scouts. Large amount and over the agreed amount with the SCAA. Approved by all.
  • Winter Baronial � approved at July meeting but wasn�t outlaid. $150 + $89.15 + $210.05. Cheques to Giles Leabrook,Violante Rosa de las Andes. Approved by all.
  • Festival 2008 � outstanding $300 to Nesta verch Wynn for equipment. Approved by all.
  • Festival 2007 � outstanding $124.73 � Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora. Approved by all.
  • Kingdom Levy � not to pay until we sort out financial reports.
  • Baronial Truck Costs � Approved previously. Cheque written.