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Minutes 2008 August 20 BFC

Minutes Baronial Financial Committee 20/08/2008

Location: 14 Stephen Street, Annerley


Gabriel de Beaumont (Seneschal), Tomas Eskelson (Reeve), Maud le Leitiere (Baroness), Nemain of St Florian (Member), Gregorious Thorvolson (Member), Giles Leabrook (Witness), Nesta verch Wynn (Witness), Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (Witness), Acacia de Navarre (Witness).

Minutes: Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Meeting open 8.25pm


  • Budget Submission for the Battle of Buttony Cross 20/10/2008 by Edmund of Shotley.
  • Baronial Finance Committee called to ensure that the cheques are posted this week to secure site, and to get event notice

into Pegasus in a timely manner.

Event Budget Submission:

  • Battle Of Bottony Cross
  • Steward Edmund of Shotley,
  • DATE: 18/10/2008
  • Approx attendees 50
  • Hall Morningside School of Arts 3399 9415
  • Cost of hall $150.00
  • Bond $100.00
  • Total Hall Cost $250.00

Per Rata Budget

  • Food budget $7.00
  • Travel Levy budget $1.00
  • Overheads $4.00
  • Hall $3.00 (=150/50)
  • Equipment Levy $1.00
  • Profit $2 is suggested $1.00
  • Kingdom Levy $1.00
  • Non Member Levy $2.00

Suggested Price

  • Member Price $18.00
  • Non Member Price $20.00

Line Item Discussion: Food

  • Food is stews and basic food for feast only
  • No food served for day event.

Line item discussion: bond and cost of hall. $6/head

  • Discussion about normal practice of including bond into the overall costs to reduce risk of loosing money on the event due to hall not

returning bond.

  • Practice was introduced after bond has been taken with some premises even when the hall has been left better than when hired.
  • Change for this event to not include bond as a cost that is not returnable to reduce price. Basis of this decision is that we have had many years experience of using this hall and the relationship has been good, and we have yet to loose part of the bond or all the bond with the this hall.

Line item discussion: Travel levy $1/head

  • New line item included of $1 per head to go toward royalty travel costs.
  • Idea to be discussed at Baronial Meeting in the future to look at changing practice.
  • Practice in St Florian to avoid charging royalty travel costs to a specific event to ensure greater accessibility. This was when we were making a profit at A&S/FP to be able to manage this extra burden.
  • Would prefer to continue to support royalty by paying 50% of travel costs to St Florian events - average cost of $500 per year. (NB 10 events per year with 50 attending would cover this cost if we used a $1/head levy)
  • Would prefer to not have to sting a particular event when royalty are attending with the extra burden of travel costs.

Line item discussion: $1 profit

  • Normal practice to run at $2 per head profit
  • Reduction to get event under $20 per head.

Line item discussion: FUF $4/head

  • Ensure appropriate costs to cover tokens and other gifts from the Barony.

Total Cost Discussion

  • $18/20 for Tourney and Feast - or just feast
  • $6/8 for Tourney as the site costs include half of the site hire, cost of site hire has been halved.


  • Vote was taken from each individual committee member on the proposal.
  • Unanimous approval reached.

Cheques to be written

  • $600 for food and overheads
  • $150 for hall and bins
  • $100 for bond

Meeting close 8.35pm