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Minutes 2008 May



Giles Leabrook, Grete Engelhardtz, Nesta verch Wyn, Helen Wentworth, Tomas Eskelson, Peter de Saint Florian, Suzie de Saint Florian, Sol de Saint Florian, Acacia de Navarre, Malcom Patersone, Katrin of Kilkenny.


Andres de Leon, Violante de las Andes, Raoul of Buzz


Taken by Giles Leabrook, Typed up by Nesta verch Wyn Meeting opened 7:40pm. Minutes from Last Meeting: Moved Tomas, Seconded Giles – Accepted

Officers Reports

  • Seneschal: Written sheet sent in by Andres.
  • Chronicler (Nesta): DLV okay. Will be sent out by Sunday. Website being updated as are Purple Pages and Domum by Constanzia.
  • Herald (Helen): 1 new submission in and 2 resubmissions.
  • Reeve (Tomas): Received Knights of the North paperwork.
  • Marshall (Giles): Nothing to report.


Tomas’ Tourney for the Queen.

Event for the Queen. $2 tourney, Fairfield Park, heavy and rapier and sonnet. A&S Thursday 15th May sonnet class. Event approved. Needs list equipment and water carafes. Potluck! – bring enough for you – put it in the collection. Note – no roast chicken.

Great Northern War.

GNW bookings via Jessica of Fearn Abbey. $70 members, $75 non-members. Book now!.

General Business

Knights of the North

report handed in by Nesta. Within 2 months so OK! $75 profit.

Rowany Festival

profit in the region of $150. Needs a cheque for Nesta for $300. Event rocked. Henri and Nesta did great. They acknowledge lots of help.

A&S competition for Baronial on 26th July.

Theme “Love in the Middle Ages”. Entries in as soon as possible. Contact the A&S Champion Grete. Malcom is working on his entry, as is Nesta. What about you?

Meeting closed 8:25 pm