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Minutes 2008 October

October Baronial Meeting

12/10/2008 Open 2:15pm


Nesta verch Wyn (A&S), Gabriel de Beaumont (Seneschal), Asa Beiskalda (Lists), Raoul of Buzz (Deputy Seneschal), Maud le Leitiere ( Baroness), Grete Engelhardtz, Bailey, Tomas Eskelson (Reeve), Zofhija of St Florian, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Guilliame Lavet,

Minutes: Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

Apologies: Siegfried von Holtzhammer, Helen Wentworth

September Minutes Accepted

Outstanding Business

Lease arrangements to Scouts

Gabs faxed to Scouts a letter saying what we discussed in the meeting regarding the unrealistic costs but we�re interested in continuing arrangements as currently stand. $15 per hour.

Finance Clean up Project � still ongoing

Precise Officer Reports

  • Reports received from all except from Constable, Hospitaller , Chirurgeon,
  • Very little report, no issues

Financial Situation:

  • Will be updated by Tomas

Current Membership levels

  • Unknown due to Website being down. Should be similar to last month. Gabriel to post to list with information when available

Upcoming Events

  • Battle of Buttony Cross � Edmund of Shotley
  • Shakespeare in Park demo � Giles

Calender for Next Year

Regional planning meeting at the end of November. If anyone has events that they wish to run, traditional or not, please contact Seneschal with proposed details. Meeting attendees � Seneschals of groups, B&B�s.

GNW meeting Friday night.

Two areas of issue

  1. FAT money raised and how that is going to be handled. FAT money is raised for the improvement of GNW and eventually to be able to float GNW.
  2. Asa is stewarding event next year � Running of event discussion and ideas. GNW is regional event. The two Baronies take turns in signing off, however the region runs the event. Asa would like to see the stewarding team of key roles is made up of both Baronies and that we are running the event together. Tomas will be supporting Asa, with a view of potentially running the following year with exceptions of superior bids. Gabriel stated that anyone who is intensely involved with the previous running of GNW will have a higher chance of having the successful bid when it is St Florian de la Riviere�s turn to run the event in 2010.

Discussions with BCC

After some nine phone calls over a period of weeks to the BCC, Gabriel is in discussion regarding hiring the spotlights on the field next to the green bridge on Monday night. BCC is supportive of the idea. There are a few hurdles. The field is controlled by the Parks Section, the Hall next to the field is controlled by Community Leasing Section. Power for the lights comes through the Community Leasing hall for the lights. Community Leasing are in the process of working out the successful lease application for the hall. However the application does not include the use of the field at this stage. This means that in the future we will have to liaise with whatever organisation is successful with their bid for the hall to access the power. Will have to arrange key or something with BCC. We will have no lease and could be asked to move on at any stage �We will be hiring for 3 hours at a cost of only $22 for the evening.. We will not be able to do archery. Should hear from the BCC next week. Gabriel consistently nudging BCC and yielding results. Complicated results which should work in our favour. Potentially starting for the new year. Gabriel will continue advising as it happens. This has been a six week process leading to this point and at least that we�ve now got a contact.

Baronial Meetings over Christmas Break

  • Next meeting 30/11/2008 at Asa�s. Address will be published closer to the date
  • No plans to have meeting in January/Feb. However if an urgent issue raised, Gabriel will call a meeting. Gabriel would like to have Festival encampment paperwork, Knights of the North and Turkish Event paperwork submitted by then to ensure appropriate advertising in PEGASUS.

GNW report (Gabriel on behalf of Giles)

It is proceeding � bit of confusion between Lorcan and Giles regarding receipts. He was to have the whole thing finalised by this meeting. Gabriel wants it finalised for November meeting.

Other matters:

Shakespeare in the Park Demo � to be sorted out by Giles and Gabs at work. No cost outlay.

Show us Your Bling Tourney

Report received from Nesta. Money has been banked. Made $96 in total ($30 Lochac Levy, $30 depreciation of asset fund, $36 profit)

Baronial Finance Committee Meeting


Maud le Leitiere (Baroness), Gabriel de Beaumont (Seneschal), Tomas Eskelson (Reeve), Zofhija of St Florian (Paid member), Raoul of Buzz

Outstanding Tasks

  • Baronial Sword � no movement as yet due to work commitments. Gabriel requested that Giles and Maude have a quote by the November Meeting.

Banner poles

  • Need poles for events
  • The breakdown poles will cost $15 each.
  • Requested $200 for 10 poles and paint/sundries and bag for storage.
  • These Poles will be painted Purple and white and put in a bag for storage and movement.
  • Unanimously approved.
  • (Nesta and co going to make them up)

Meeting Closed 2:50pm