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Minutes 2008 September

Minutes Baronial Meeting 07/09/2008

Location: Seneschal's House


Raoul de Bourbonement, Grete Engelhardtz, Maude le Leitiere (Baroness), Eadwyn of St Florian, Giles Leabrook (Baron), Gabriel de Beaumont (Seneschal), Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora, Tomas Eskelson (Reeve), Asa Beiskalda


Acacia de Navarre, Nesta verch Wynn


Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

  • August Minutes accepted

Outstanding business from August task list:

  • Turkish event has been postponed to February due to River Haven Baronial Changeover

Officer Reports

  • All reports excluding Hospitaller/chirurgeon reports have been received
  • Kingdom reports have been received

Great Northern War 2008

  • Interim report has been received.
  • Outstanding receipts, items from Lorcan preventing the report and matter to be finalised
  • Giles will have outstanding money banked and reports finalised for October meeting.

Current membership is 41


  • Discussion about what is required as per advertising on list.

Battle of Buttony Cross

  • Fliers have been done
  • Regular advertising,
  • 35 bookings five weeks out
  • 50 to break even


  • Majority of money has been banked for 07/08
  • Small amount still yet to be received from GNW
  • Outstanding money owed from Abbey 2 years ago.

Outstanding event reports 07/08:

  • GNW (Giles Leabrook) (interim received, final report waiting on receipts/small amount of money)
  • Winter Baronial (Elizabeth de Foxel)
  • Buttony Cross (William Addemere)

Many outstanding event reports prior however we are unlikely to be able to finalise most without receipts etc

Lease arrangements

  • Gabriel contacted Quentin Parker Beales and proposed $75 per week for sole tenancy which was rejected by Scouts
  • Scouts suggested $200 per week. Gabriel politely said thankyou but no.
  • Cost is $75 per week with current use
  • Buzz believes that $200 per week is doable. If sole tenancy, the premises is more valuable to us.
  • Asa advised that River Haven pay $500 per year for their premises through Brisbane City Council
  • Constanzia advised that Bacchus Wood pay $50 per week for sole tenancy through Scouts and has better premises which includes working kitchen, electricity etc
  • Gabriel listed the areas raised with him regarding the site as follows:
  1. Fighters do not like the venue
  2. Archery can not occur at site
  3. Fencing is good
  4. Fighting Area is becoming a dirt bowl
  5. Parking is problematic
  6. Location is good
  7. Good for A&S
  8. Mixed bag of issues
  • Gabriel also doesn�t believe that $200 per week is realistic expense during a regrowth phase
  • Constanzia stated that she didn�t believe that the hall was worth $200 per week.

Please note: that non SCA people are attending the hall and moving things. EG Toilet key was lost on Thursday night and returned the following week. Lights have been left on that have not been used during the previous meeting

Tasks for Lease Arrangements Project:

  • Gabriel is in the process of requesting for the park next door through Brisbane City Council. (Access to lights)
  • Baronial Meeting decided that Gabriel should write a formal letter to the Scouts outlining costs.

Moving A&S night

Discussion occurred around the feedback received around moving A&S night from Thursday to Friday night. Decision that we would trial alternative Thursday/Friday nights until the end of the year. (Subsequent change since meeting that we would move to Friday nights due to Nesta being unable to attend Thursday nights)

Travel Levy

  • Barony used to have a net profit from fighter practice which was used to pay $750 per year plus the travel of 50% of travel costs to St Florian for Royalty per reign.
  • Now we are not in that position. (almost breaking even from meetings)
  • Do not want to be in the position where events are slogged to budget for Royalty costs and this should be worn throughout the year at events.
  • Suggestion of $1 levy to be added to budget to spread royalty costs/build budget
  • All agree except Buzz.
  • He is aware that we collect an asset levy of $1 per event and wanted to know how much we had raised from this. (for Depreciation)
  • Unable to provide this information as the event reports have not been completed. (most events are barely breaking even atm) It would be the same as Lochac Levy (minus loss cost when not made budget).
  • Decision to include and review at End of Financial Year policies to be revised in July 2009


  • Want info and ideas
  • Project ideas so far on website
  • Brochure close to completion

Baronial Finance Committee Meeting

  • Baroness: Maude le Leitiere
  • Seneschal: Gabriel de Beaumont
  • Reeve: Tomas Eskelson,
  • Member: Asa Beiskalda
  • Member: Grete Engelhardtz

A&S brewing project

  • Tradition of A&S brewing project which is presented at Buttony Cross
  • Unanimous Approval of $100 for project

External Hard Drive

  • Nesta verch Wynn received approval to purchase external hard drive for the Chroniclers position in 2007 with a budget of $200. As this is outside the same financial year, re-approval is required.
  • Cost was $68 for 120 gig hard drive. Now sufficient to carry backup of all officer reports.
  • Approval by Seneschal and Reeve only required and passed.

Baronial Sword

  • Gabriel proposed up to $500 for a Baronial Champion Sword as part of regalia. Baron & Baroness to have full discretion on the design of the sword.
  • Asa asked why we would need a sword.
  • Answers included that the group had always planned to have a ceremonial sword for the Barony and that some members would have liked to have sworn fealty through that sword if given an option. The Barony has had two promises of swords from makers which have fallen through. Time to finalise.
  • Full consensus reached by committee. Approved.