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Minutes 2009 February

St Florian Baronial Minutes 01/02/09

Attendees: Gabriel de Beaumont (Seneschal), Eadwyn of St Florian, Zophia of St Florian, Lillith de Tarra, Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora (minutes), Giles Leabrook (Baron), Maud le Leitiere (Baroness), Grete (A&S), Raoul of Buzz, Tomas Eskelson (Reeve), Ann of Lincolnshire

Minutes for November were accepted

Outstanding business

  • Northern War is still outstanding due to lack of receiptage. Giles to provide

stat decs tomorrow to Lee to finalise matter. All money in account.

  • Buttony Cross will be finalised soon. Paperwork finalised this week. All

money in account.

  • Promotional Flier has been delayed will be ready for next week. Will be using

previous photos from flier.

  • A&S fabric purchase has been completed and receipt received. Cheque is yet to be

presented (ie banked into account)

Precise of Officer reports:

F*inancial situation of the Barony after hall hire paid in December, $13,081.66. All moneys received for December have been banked. Only the two weeks in January to be banked. There are two unpresented cheques Grete and fabric (ABOVE) and Buzzâ A&S project cheque as he is yet to provide a stat dec. To be provided by next meeting.

Membership Levels

Current membership level 32. Four of the officers memberships have lapsed. Need to push membership again. Membership forms to be pushed. Those people who have signed a six monthly constable paperwork as a member who's membership has lapsed will have to sign a non member waiver until their membership is sorted out.

Discussion regarding new membership proposals OZIBOD pay to play coming through

and more news when this is finalised.


No bad news upwards or downwards. Discussed with Raoul of Buzz as his role of dept seneschal if Gabriel is unable to perform duty.


One name and device passed Lilya


No tourneys


Making $14 per night and it's costing us $30 per night. One new person show up from the UQA medieval club - Lauren. Very keen.

As soon as Orlando becomes a member, he will be the new marshal.

No reports but we've only just started up so all good.

Truck finalisation - Giles.

This is now closed and this has been dispersed. Not nearly enough to cover losses received by Gabs but it is a sign of sympathy and support for the work done. Gabs responded thanking the group and will be making an official thanking statement on the list but wanted the final report to come in from Giles prior to making a statement. Amount raised by the Truck fund was $1700 approx.

Hall usage in general

  • Ideas posed to the list. Came to a head when the front of the hall has become

further damaged and is no longer used. Flagged with Scouts.

  • Henri has raised with Gabriel about the cost effectiveness of one night. Group

discussed and have decided that this would not be suitable as it would limit A&S activity.

  • Policy is that we'll always be looking for new and better place and so far

there has been no success. Three strikeouts so far.

  • Seneschal believes that the current site is good for fencers, not possible for

archery, not good for fighters, adequate for A&S.

  • Will stay at that site until we find a new one. Currently cost neutral for FP.

No plans to move at this stage.

A&S - Not breaking even. Though it's not necessary.

Moving to Fridays has helped with numbers Bigger problem is that we don't get anything done and don't want to spread out fabric on the floor etc. Can't progress in a project due to 2 hours. Grete suggests that we move it to her hose, there is adequate equipment for people to use, air condition, lighting. Only hindrance is the potential of strangers turning up to your house and they know where you live, or time you want space. Week in and week out.

Should Grete and Buzz agree as suggested by Grete we will trial moving A&S to Cameron Street until Festival. Decision to be finalised by Sunday 8th of February. Constanzia has volunteered to continue paying for tea and coffee/biccies.

  • Events - Baronial Finance Committee meeting on Friday.