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Minutes 2009 March

Baronial Minutes for March 2009

March Baronial Meeting


Gabriel de Beaumont (Seneschal), Giles Leabrook (Baron), Maud le Leitiere (Baroness), Grete (A&S), Rosa of St Florian, Tomas Eskelson (Reeve), Zophia of St Florian, Magnus Magnuson

Outstanding business from previous meeting

  • Great Northern War still outstanding
  • Promotional flyer finalised

Precise on officer reports for this month


  • One submission

A & S officer

A & S going well. Average 10 per night. Festival prep is still happening

Financial situation of the Barony


Current membership levels

35 members

Update of the RRR project

  • A4 Flyer completed. Will be printing out and asking people to put them up on

their local community boards. Close to Festival nothing else happening on the project.

Update on discussions with the Brisbane Bridge Club about the use of their


  • Entered in discussions with the Brisbane Bridge Club. Before any decision is

made there will be an open house for the group to have a look. There are some issues to work out between us, but hopefully it looks like it will work. It is likely to be a little for expensive. It will cost $50 a night, but the premises is far superior for both FP and A&S.

  • Charyse sent Gabriel an email about the possibility of Theatre being able to be run

on one night. Gabriel informed her that at $50 a night it is unlikely at this stage but we will see what we can do.

Discussion about the St Florian General Encampment

  • As of today, 13 booked and 12 paid. That means the total encampment expenditure

is only $2080. Giles, Morde and Liza to cut down expenditure.

Postponing of the Baronial meeting in April due to Festival.

Baronial meeting being postponed until Sunday 19th of April due to Festival.