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Moneyat Events

Taking Money at an Event. AKA Gate Reeve.

By Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora

You've been asked to be responsible for taking money at an event. This is a great responsibility. Here are a few things to ensure that you're aware of what you're responsible for, and to make the role comfortable for yourself.

You will generally be the first contact people will make with the event, so you want to make yourself comfortable so that you are naturally cheery! Ensure you have a good chair, well lit area and to make sure that the table is tidy and well organised. Money should be kept in a petty cash tin or similar so that it doesn't get lost easily. You'll also need to ensure that you have water and nibblies for yourself.

Make sure you have a buddy. Having a second accounting officer to observe what you're doing provides better accountability if anything goes missing or you make a mistake. There's usually a constable in charge of constable paperwork there that will be able to fulfil this role. The other issue is around security for takings. There is often quite a large amount of money and having two people keeping an eye on it makes it less attractive to try and steal. It can get quite busy when everyone arrives at the same time and it can also be quite lonely during the lulls.

Things you need to discuss with the steward before they dash off to run the rest of the event:

  • Where is the receipt book?
  • Is there a booking list?
  • What is the pricing structure?
  • Do I have any negotiation space with this and what are my limitations?
  • Are there any folks receiving a discount/free?
  • How long are you needed to man the gate?
  • Where do they wish to store the cash when you have finalised the takings?
  • Is there a float and how much?
  • Is there a petty cash tin?
  • Is there a calculator?
  • Are there notepad/pens etc

Hopefully the steward has an item or an answer for all these. If not, there might be a made dash to the shops! Keep the receipt for the Steward if you wish to be reimbursed.

You may have a booking sheet (particularly for a feast) that you will be able to compare with who you've taken money from. It is expected that if you book for an event, that you will pay for it, unless there is a decent reason (death, accident etc). This is on the advertising material and is a part of the general running of St Florian. To assist the steward to reconcile this information, you will need to write or indicate on the booking sheet which people have turned up and paid. This will make it clear for the steward to check up on those

If not, it could be handy to take a running sheet of moneys received so you have an easy tool to add up your figures with. It's not vital.

As the SCA is a non profit organisation, we are required to ensure that there is a receipt for all income (and expenditure). We also have to indicate how much money has been received from non paid members to paid members. On each receipt the following information is required:

  • Mundane name of the person giving you the money
  • Event name
  • Date
  • Amount received
  • You must sign the document to say that it has been received.
  • Include on the top of the receipt how many members or non members this money represents

At the end of the takings period, it is a good idea to try and balance what you have taken in. This will mean that you are sure that you've receipted $X before handing it over to someone else. It is important to count money in the presence of someone else as well ideally your buddy. Again, they can help you if things don't add up! Count all the money, breaking down into the various notes and coins. This makes it easier for someone else to check you're counting if it doesn't add up! Total the bookings sheet/receipt book and it should hopefully balance. If you are feeling particularly generous for the steward, you could consider adding up the money received from members verses non members too! Do that for the steward, they will be forever grateful!