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Moralez Beaumont is the combined households of Duena Constanzia Moralez y de Zamora and Sir Master Gabriel de Beamont, the founding Baron and Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere. The household is made up of students (and students who have graduated) of Constanzia and Gabriel, as well as other people who might aspire to improve. Type of househould would be consistent with the term Peer-a-mid model. (Peers at the head, with their students, then associated parties such as partners of students etc). As some of our household members are peers and have students, we refer to this as the Badger Archipelago.
  • Nancy - Sir Berenger of Nancy is a member of Moralez Beamont and therefore his students are seen as part of the greater collective and extension.

  • Baskerville - This household is founded by Maud le leitiere who was formally a student of Gabriel before she stepped up as the second Baroness of St Florian.  She formed her own household, and really didn't ever leave home. 

  • d'Scotia - Duena Leonor d'Scotia is a member of Moraelz Beaumont and therefore her students sit within the collective.


Their badge is a silver rampant badger which can be seen on banners, and any other heraldic opportunity that they can get their hands on which includes fealty chains.  Normally they display the badge on a red and blue background as these are the colours of Lochac and Gabriel and Constanzia's personal arms. 


Moralez Beaumont had the fortune of receiving the inaugural "Pride of Lochac" which is an award bestowed by the Crown of Lochac to households for their contribution to the SCA.

Expectation of Members of household:

  • Be a paid member of the SCA
  • Contribute to the SCA (by service and teaching)
  • Display their Heraldry
  • Improve themselves (Members get two tasks. One is internally motivated, the other is externally motivated)
  • Represent Gabriel and Constanzia in the following three areas
    • Demeanour (Gabriel)
    • Appearance (Stanzi)
    • Hospitality (Both)


Every year at Great Northern War, members and those part of the achipeligo of households and associates of Moralez Beaumont get the opportunity to challenge themselves. The following Great Northern War, each person reveals what they have achieved according to their allocated tasks. Points are allocated to various households and there's a winner. The looser caters the following year. The first year they did this, Ventbarre won. Who would have thought.  

Great Northern War 2012 Challenges

Great Northern War 2011 Challenges

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