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My first year

A few years ago, I had a friend that was what I used to think was a 'little bit out there'. He told me that in his spare time, he was involved with a group called the SCA, a medieval recreation society that actually had full contact combat. While I was interested, I didn't think much more of it until about this time last year, when numerous medieval advertisements for the Abbey Tournament prompted me to search for a local group. Lo and behold, I found St Florian de-la-Riviere.

My first move was to show up to a fighter practice. Being a bit of a sports fan/addict, I was fascinated by the skill of a lot of the fighters, and the versatility in their styles. So often have I trained in a sport to be told: 'This is the way things must be done, you won't achieve anything by experimenting.' SCA fighting however, seemed like I was hooked at first sight. Just watching these armoured lords (and lady Ė Eadowyn) skilfully wield these 'blades' to club each other made me realise that this was the perfect way to spend an evening.

St Florian is a wonderful group that were quick to offer their friendship, and once I decided that I wanted to be more involved, many were quick to offer assistance. One such person was Gabriel de Beaumont, who helped me into armour and showed me how to swing a stick properly. His lovely wife Constanzia introduced me to the art of costuming, and I have a lot more to learn from both.

While the fighting is fun, and is my core interest, it's the surroundings that make the SCA complete. I've been entranced by the effort that many put into their look, the way they live within the game, and the range of fascinating skills that the modern world has forgotten. Seeing the hard work others put in and incredible results they get inspire me to do better in terms of appearance and skills. Hey, I even want to sew more now!!

In this past year, I have been fortunate enough to see a variety of exciting events, from fun filled local event like my first at a tourney/feast in Morningside and my Authorisation at Buttony Couth, to huge events like Rowany Festival and GNW. At GNW I was treated a front row seat of the Knighting of Sir Gabriel, and was honoured to be accepted as a squire alongside my brothers Edmund, Andreas and Guilliaume.

Being part of the MoralezBeaumont household is much like playing the game with a family; we share our challenges and triumphs, and assist each other to reach our individual goals and dreams. I know that the support that that we give to each other in friendship enriches the game for us all. Iím trying very hard not too be too dramatic or emotional, but it is the truth and should not be understated.

So thank you to the many that have helped me along my first year. In the next year, I look forward to more incredible experiences and sharing them with friends, whether I have met them yet or not. Now that Iíve been hooked, I think Iíll be around for a while.