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Dame Acacia de Navarre with her apprentices and household consorts.

Navarre is a typical Peer-a-mid type of household, where a group of people are lead by their Peer, Dame Acacia de Navarre. Acacia is a Laurel for embroidery and Pelican for feeding the unshaven masses. She is the second person to have had both peerages on the same day. (She knew about the laurel, and got asked to be a pelican after the laurel ceremony...) Acacia is rather fond of white chocolate frogs....

Acacia has three apprentices:

  • Charyse the Shy
  • Lilya bint HIzir
  • Nesta verch Wyn

The household has two consorts:

  • Gustav of St Florian
  • Siegfried von Holtzhammer

Members of Navarre tend to display the pheonix as their badge.