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Nesta Verch Wynn

Your Story: Nesta verch Wynn (was Nesta FitzOwen) from DLV July 2006

How long have you been in the SCA?

I joined after Collegia last year – so that was about November last year.

What was it that initially attracted you to the SCA?

It was the dress ups! And craft!

What type of Craft in particular?

Costuming, embroidery, weaving and knitting.

What other things do you enjoy in the SCA?

The feasts – the food, the atmosphere and I really enjoyed my first court at the last event (Baronial)

What makes you come back for more?

The people and their enthusiasm for the period. I really enjoy the social outlet. It's not just events; it's the friendships, the parties, the turning to people's houses to learn new things. There is a lot of social activity. That’s what really attracts me to the SCA.

What period inspires you?

I'm interested in Anglo Saxon and early period in particular.

I noticed that you were sporting a lovely Viking on Saturday, when did you make that?

That was my very first outfit I made. I sewed, embroidered and beaded it. I really enjoyed making it.

What are you learning about at the moment?

I’ve taken it upon myself to start researching the early Welsh/Celtic societies which is where my name comes from.

What has enticed you into that?

There's a lot documented about the Vikings, Normans and the Anglos but not much on the Welsh. You'd have to believe that they were about too so I'm inspired to do a bit of research!

What's your next frock going to be?

I'm hoping to make a corset and some Flemish working class gear.

Have you ever thought about cooking?

Yes I have - I worked with the Knights of the North kitchen team – which was my first event (other than collegia) in St Florian! I had a lot of fun. Acacia was running that team and I learnt a lot.

Have you ever wayfared? Yes, I've been to Rowany Festival.

How did you find it?

It was fantastic! It was a great introduction to the SCA. I missed a lot of the tourneys though because there were a lot of other things going on. Next year I want to make sure I get to go seem more of these!

Is your device registered? Not yet – I'm still researching that at the moment. I've settled on a name but a few more things to consider regarding my device.