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Officers required for a tournament

Officers required for a tournament

These are some officers that are required by the SCA to have to be able to run an event. This is for a minimum tourney and to get you by. It isn't recommended in most circumstances to run with just the minimum.

Some of the roles are Single role only (meaning that person shouldn't be doing anything else). Some of the roles are secondary so they could possibly be shared or performed sequentially.

Required Officers

Steward - not singular role

The steward is the delegated paid member of the SCA who is legally responsible for the event on behalf of the Barony. They are responsible for all activities that occur and make all final decisions in relation to how the event is run within the Laws and Customs of the SCA and the Kingdom of Lochac.

Marshal - could be a sequential role

The marshal is responsible maintains conduct themselves within the rules of combat. The marshal in charge is responsible for delegating duties such as:

  • Armour inspection
  • Ground inspection (for the list field)
  • Marshalling the tournament.

For further information see the Lochac Marshallate Website

The Steward will require a written report from the marshal in charge at the end of the event.

The Marshal can also perform lists or herald if really necessary but it is advisable not to do so where possible. Steward and Marshal can be the same person also

Constable - potentially sequential role

The duties defined in law at this time require the Constable to fulfil five main roles:

  • To be the Main Safety Officer at Events
  • To Collect Indemnities As Required By Corpora
  • Policing Mundanity
  • The Maintenance Of Order And Good Conduct Amongst People At Events
  • Administering Lost Property

For further information see the Constables Handbook

You will require a written report from the constable outlining the five main areas for this event which includes specific numbers of members, non members and minors attending the event.

It is possible that after all attendees have arrived that the constable can perform other duties such as Marshal, Herald, and also be the steward of the event. It is not recommended that the Constable perform the role of Gate Reeve.

Recommended Officers

These are officers that you really should have if you wish to run an event. They are not required from an SCA perspective but it owuld be foolish to not attempt to seek someont to perform this role. Most of these roles are only able to do be managed by one person well depending on the size of the event.

Gate Reeve - single role

The gate reeve is the person responsible for receiving and receipting money at events. They should be someone you feel comfortable managing the money for the event.

It is often tempting to have one person being Constable and the Gate Reeve but it is recommended against in the Constables Handbook. There should be two people available when receiving money. (So get the Constable to sit with the Gate Reeve after the initial checks are completed). They can provide support to each other if there is a rush, and security when dealing with cash. There is also a second person to vouch if money gets lost.

Chirugeon - secondary role

A chirugeon is the person responsible to provide first aid if the need is required. There is no requirement for a chirugeon to be present at a tourney, however it's just common sense. At minimum, the Baronial First Aid kit should be available. There are many snr first aid officers within the Barony. If there is a chirugeon in charge of the event, they should submit a report to the steward at the end of the event. For further information see the Lochac Chirugeon's Website

Herald - sequential role

The responsibility of the herald at the tourney is to alert the fighters to when they are soon close to entering the list field as well as announcing the tournaments as they occur. There may also be some court duties involved with being herald for the day. It is a good idea for the tourney herald to become familiar with the various traditional court ceremonies of the Barony of St Florian de la Riviere. You will also require a written report of any awards or historical events that may have occurred from the Herald.

Lists - singular role

The List Keeper is responsible for working out who gets to fight who, and also keeps a record of the bouts during the tourney. You will also need a written report from this person to ensure that we maintain the history and memory of this event. For articles on how to run lists, forms and other helpful documents, go to the Lochac List Officer Website